Star Wars: Episode 7 will include Lucas pointers

When it comes to advice and pointers for Star Wars: Episode 7 and the other 2 upcoming films what better place to go than to George Lucas, although some would feel the best place to go for guidance would be on the many sites where fans are expressing their wishes and desires for the new movies. We’re not saying that Lucas has lost the love for the franchise, but going by feedback from the prequels J.J. Abrams would be wise to listen to the real fans.

While some may feel too many cooks spoil the broth, the more ideas the better, as we are sure J.J. Abrams would do a good job regardless of pointers from Lucas. Highlighting this report, Screen Crush mention how Abrams is seeking feedback from Lucas, although this is an Abrams film that may not use all of the original bits that Lucas penned for this movie.

Abrams talks about his chance to direct two of the biggest sci-fi franchises of all time and says “he is not putting Lucas out to pasture,” expressing the joy of having a confidant getting the opportunity to receive feedback from Lucas. He also spoke about the Star Trek franchise, and that fans should not rule him out of a return to do a third movie.

We were hoping that more about the Episode 7 plot and direction was going to be divulged, but it seems we will have to wait a while longer. However, do you think having Lucas there for Abrams to confide in will be a useful asset when it comes to making a credible Star Wars film? Or do you think J.J. Abrams should be listening to fans more than Lucas?

  • meinteam77

    I am sick of all these actors trying to “express” interest.  Did anyone know the actors from IV, V, and VI.  Barely.  Look how that turned out.   This is going to be a gigantic movie on so many different levels.  It is common sense to want to be a part of it and get a few bucks along the way.  Who wouldn’t?  Just let it go.  And when the STORY is settled then it can be determined who is right for the roles.  Just because some of these actors are not really doing anything these days does not mean that they should put there names out there to get a few more twitter followers or whatever.  It is not going to matter.  No one cares.  In the end J.J. Abrams will make the “logical” choice.  Why is this world filled with so many idiots.  Sit back, enjoy the movie, and quit being so critical.  Plus, why not seek George Lucas’s advice?  Last time I checked he created all of it.  In the end he is not making the final decision now.  Someone else is.  He is just a consultant.  Why not consult the creator?  Duh.

  • Davo of Oz

    a lot of fans are whinging jerks, i want to see what Lucas’ story is.

  • statler

    “although some would feel the best place to go for guidance would be on the many sites where fans are expressing their wishes and desires for the new movies.”
    Have you seen all the stupid BS they have said? A bunch of bad ideas and nitpick everything *cough* Redlettermedia *cough* I don’t want to see any fanfiction in the movies. Just get guidance from George Lucas or any other professionals that actually know what good storytelling is.


    I think it is wise to get advice from George Lucas because he really does know how to tell a good story, the reason for the prequels having weak story’s all except episode III is nobody question George on the material so that is why the story’s in the prequels were week except Episode III, the reason the originals were awesome is because of people for example Lawrence Kasden, and Gary Kurts question George on the material. so if the advice from George Lucas is good I say Take it J.J. Abrams.