Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS4 considered

It seems like every upcoming game is now going to cause a debate about whether it should be made available on the next-gen consoles and this also goes for Final Fantasy Versus XIII on PS4. It seems like a sensible idea for this to be a PlayStation 4 title and this could be beneficial for the company behind it.

Square Enix could reap the rewards of bringing this game to Sony’s new system, especially since they have struggled in the past when it comes to making games for the PS3. They have even acknowledged their troubles to create high-definition towns according to a report on Bubblews.

As the site talks about how releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the PS4 is definitely worth doing we consider how the PlayStation 4 will be more developer friendly, which would in turn make it easier for companies like Square Enix to complete the development without too much trouble.

Questions are asked about the time this game will come out and whether the next-gen PS4 will have games that will put other PS3 titles in the dark, especially when gamers will be looking at the graphical capabilities of the new system and the games available.

By the time the PlayStation 4 arrives plenty of focus will be on the games and how they look giving gamers a reason to believe the PS3 and its upcoming titles will take a back seat, although we are sure the install base will take some time to become established.

While some gamers have lost faith in the franchise and the developer, some feel it still makes sense to bring this game to the next-gen console, in fact many fans of the franchise are starting to get impatient being fed up with waiting for this game.

Do you think it would be a good idea to release Final Fantasy Versus XIII on the PS4? Maybe you feel that the main benefit would be if this was released on the PS3 and 4 simultaneously.

  • Emanuel

    I think it would be a good idea so long as it still comes out for the PS3.

  • dookie juice

    it most likely will be since tetsuya nomura said there is a reason why no info on ffvsxiii hasn’t been released. it was because the ps4 announcement hadn’t been made yet.

  • nicca

    8 years from now: “We ask that everyone be a little bit more patient. We have plans to announce plans to end up revealing no information soon.”

  • ChidoriSnake

    Release them for PS3 and PS4 I say. Not a lot of people will be able to get the PS4 right away and will still want a PS3 game to give them a reason to keep playing it, especially since the 4th system won’t enable backward compatibility (I could be wrong but I did here it from somewhere). So if anything, feed both the PS3 and PS4 consumers. Hell, give it to the Vita as well, just as long as the Sony systems have something to laugh in Xbox fanboys’ face at the end of the day.