Upcoming PS Vita games in 2013

As many PS Vita owners may feel the handheld console could do with some more games we have good news about four more new titles becoming available this year, adding to the catalogue of titles already available. While the games list could be more extensive on the PlayStation Vita we are pleased to know that 2013 will have some more additions making their way to the console before the year is up.

Gamestop is the ideal place to check some of the upcoming titles with brief descriptions on each including pre-order prices and the opportunity to rate the titles available. The first one we thought we should mention is Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, as this title is scheduled for release on the 25th of October 2013 at a pre-order price of £49.97.

According to the description this game will take place sometime before the existing Arkham titles, as a young and inexperienced Batman takes on some of those well-known villains for the first time. An earlier release of Killzone Mercenary coming on the 18th of September looks set to be another popular title among fans and this can be reserved for £49.97.

Killzone Mercenary has players go up against a deadly fire-fight with the likes of the dangerous ISA and the vicious Helghast both involved, with this new take of brutality where good and evil are irrelevant when it comes to completing your mission.

Lego Marvel Superheroes comes out just after Christmas on 28th December for £49.97, and this involves an original storyline surrounding Nick Fury calling upon various superheroes to save the planet. There are over 100 characters to unlock and many appearances will be based on their roles in the likes of The Avengers movie and the Ultimate Spiderman animated series.

Apparently Galactus will be the main villain and there is news that Marvel co-creator Stan Lee will have a cameo role within the game. Tearaway is another October release by Sony Computer Entertainment and those wanting to reserve their copy can do so for 49.97.

Tearaway will be available from the 25th October and this third-person adventure game makes good use of the PS Vita features, while Gamestop mentions demos of the game in the announcement trailer. Which of the aforementioned titles has grabbed your attention? Will you be investing in Killzone Mercenary, which is the earlier release of the four coming out in September?