Battlefield 4 game engine good for PS4, not for Wii U

Producing a game to run on as many platforms as possible is the ideal way to boost sales and while we wait for the arrival of next-gen consoles there are some top titles coming to the existing systems, so we can understand concerns about Battlefield 4 on Wii U. According to DICE the Battlefield 4 engine will not run on the Nintendo Wii U and tests carried out with the Frostbite 2 engine haven’t shown any signs of this coming to fruition.

While questions have been asked about whether the Wii U is powerful enough to compete with the aging PS3 and 360 consoles we wonder if Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox 720 is the ideal platform for a game like this. In an article on Arstechnica, Johan Andersson the DICE Technical Director for Frostbite speaks out about the tests they have carried out and concerns that their game will not be accessible on the Wii U, as they found tests on the Frostbite 2 engine were not very promising.

Battlefield 4 has never been running on Wii U according to tweets by Andersson, and earlier reports suggested that even though they intend to bring their games to as many consoles as possible the Wii U is not part of their focus at present.

This is cause for concern considering there seems to be no chance of running Frostbite 3-powered Battlefield 4, and probably the more demanded games in the future. The comments by Andersson have caused some gamers to question how Cevat Yerli from Crytek has stated that the CryEngine 3 “runs beautifully” on Wii U and looks pretty impressive.

In other news, we recently entered the debate regarding claims that the new COD: Ghosts will crush Battlefield 4 highlighting the popularity of Call of Duty games selling better than their rivals, although we also mentioned that sales may reflect popularity but it does not mean that the quality is as good.

We understand that established fans of either franchise will have valid points to put across but we can also see that this debacle will be on-going even sometime after they have both released. What are you views about the differences between the franchises? Alternatively, do you think the Wii U will suffer more so once the next-gen consoles and games arrive?