Star Wars: Episode 7 plot news and cast rumours

This page will be updated with the latest Star Wars: Episode 7 news and rumours about the cast, plot and eventually include the trailer when its released. This article has been updated on May 8 with hints from Carrie Fisher, details on the expected Star Wars: Episode 7 music composer in the form of well-known John Williams and when production might start for the new film.

We all heard the rumours for weeks that J.J. Abrams would be the director of Star Wars Episode 7, aka VII, and this has since been confirmed to be true. The official news came in a press statement from George Lucas himself some time ago, which saw words of praise for J.J. Abrams directing skills.

Lucas explained that he’s been extremely “impressed with J.J” over the years, and sees the man as an “ideal choice” to fill the role of Star Wars: Episode 7 Director. Lucas is happy to see his legacy handed over to J.J. and considers the man an amazing storyteller and filmmaker.

This article on includes exact quotes from the press statement and also a few words of praise from previous Star Wars veterans. These include Dennis Muren (original Star Wars trilogy Visual Effects Supervisor), Ben Burtt (the man behind audio for Darth Vader’s breathing), and Matthew Wood (worked on the Star Wars prequels and Super 8).

In the video below, George Lucas talks with Kathleen Kennedy about his feelings of handing over the Star Wars Legacy, which comes from a 5 part video series with the other parts available to watch on the official Star Wars YouTube channel here.

Star Wars: Episode 7 cast – in March we heard rumours that the Episode 7 cast could include Carrie Fisher, then this rumor quickly followed up with a number of stars commenting on how they want to be in the film. The Ewok wanted to return and join the Star Wars: Episode 7 cast, Dwayne Johnson’s request didn’t fit with many fans, Harrison Ford had been welcomed by fans, an audition had been desired by Sam Witwer, the idea of mixing with Twilight made fans cry, we even looked at Jacen Solo considerations although warnings have been given about actors from Star Trek being included in Star Wars: Episode 7.

Star Wars: Episode 7 plot – Fans started out by trying to name the title in March, which some proposals for the Star Wars: Episode 7 plot were given in April. It is worth noting that the movie direction will be helped by George Lucas from behind closed doors, which most fans think it is wise to get advice from George Lucas.

Star Wars: Episode 7 trailer – with the first movie expected in 2015 we won’t see a trailer for a while yet, although be sure to bookmark this page as we will publish it here the day the first trailer arrives. What do you want to see happen with Star Wars: Episode 7, and are there some stars you really want to exclude from the cast?

Update on May 8 for Star Wars: Episode 7 music and production start date – on the first day of May we saw further hints from Princess Leia, aka Carrie Fisher, which joined an already growing list of stars talking about the next Star Wars movie. When it comes to music for the next film it seems that John Williams is the ideal choice, at least for J.J. that is. Abrams simply pointed out that Williams had been there before he was, so mixing that with his talent makes it easy to choose.

One of the biggest news announcements fans want to hear would be when Star Wars: Episode 7 will start production, which a recent article hints that this could be as soon as the start of next year. What do you want to know about the next Star Wars movie?


  • Ricky

    Love Star Wars and J.J. Abrams, it is the perfect match.

  • T

    Great choice! Just give something to chew on each month JJ. Even if it’s just a pictures of an extra’s costume, a corner of a set, pictures of crew working on the set, actors before going to make- up. Anything JJ. But, we have to have something to chew throughout the whole process or we will go nuts. Great job Kathleen! George….you have given us a New Hope. Good luck…..let’s get the Oscar like ROTK.


    I hope that they cast the Angry Video Game Nerd as the villain sith in star wars episode VII.

  • stanleythemanley

    Sam Witwer would actually make a pretty great villain I think. As for the Rock being in Star Wars, please don’t allow him to ruin any more movies.

  • TrueCelt

    The Rock in Star Wars could actually work quite well, provided they chuck some makeup or cosmetics on him and make him into an alien of some kind. I vote Nelvaan, Krish or Besalisk.  Aside from that, he’d make a pretty great Darth Sion or Darth Bane, he could pull it off. But he can’t be a hero or even a big talking role. Honestly though I’m really not looking forward to Disney’s attempt at a Star Wars film, I’ll probably be pleasantly surprised because I have really low expectations at the moment

  • 80s Kidd

    Dwayne Johnson resembles the original Bobo/Jango Fet actor. He would fit in perfect for a Bounty Hunter

  • Christopher

    Star Wars Episodes VII, VIII, and IX is possibly the most mysterious and obscure corner ever to exist in the Star Wars universe. I am thrilled to see that we’re going to be given these stories at last.
    My thoughts on the new trilogy: I would like to see the ‘Sebulba’s Legacy’ podrace course on Malastare (previously featured in Star Wars Episode I: Racer) brought to life on the big screen at some point in this new trilogy, as more podracing would be a real fan-pleaser, and Qui-Gon oh-so-subtlely implied that he had witnessed a podrace on Malastare. ‘Sebulba’s Legacy’ IS “very fast, very dangerous”, just like he said. Throughout all three of these new episodes, I think Luke will work hard to preserve his father’s legacy as a Jedi, not as a Sith, and I also think that the Dark Side of the Force should be permenantly destroyed by the end of Episode IX.