Xbox 720, PS4 reservations signalled by Activision

While some developers seem to be more positive about working on the next-gen systems others are not so confident and this could mean some tough times ahead within the gaming industry. According to Activision’s president and chief executive Bobby Kotick, investors should be aware that the launch of the so-called Xbox 720 and the PS4 may not be the gift that other companies have been implying.

Highlighting his concerns for the next-gen systems Kotick talks about the uncertainties of this transition and Bit-Tech document his apprehension about many unknown factors and obstacles that they may come up against. This inclues pricing, launch dates, first-party support and other competitive platforms such as tablets and smartphones.

The games industry is getting more congested with added competition from the other aforementioned platforms and the retail price of console games means a title available for $40 is still quite expensive. Although the prices have been reflected with inflation the addition of tablets and smartphones has made gaming cheaper and more accessible, so these platforms are sometimes preferred when encountered with the cost of a console game.

This in turn, means there is more value in tablet and smartphone games leaving consoles in a concerning position. Other influences are also discussed and the Wii U is a fine example of how Sony and Microsoft intend to drum up interest in their next-gen consoles, as the new Wii U had a very slow start.

We can understand Kotick’s worries but the AMD accelerated processing units involved within the PS4 and the next Xbox will leave Nintendo’s new console behind, while expectations are high about a superior level of performance compared to the Wii U.

Some gamers feel that these new consoles cannot be compared to the Wii U and there is a high expectation that both next-gen systems will prove their superiority as far as sales and games are concerned.

Do you feel that both Microsoft and Sony will experience lower sales than expected because of the amount of gaming products now on the market? Or do you think they will be a big success within the gaming industry?

  • Brad

    So let me get this striaght.  Activision has been dominate on the current gen-consoles.  They are concerned about the next gen-consoles, while other brands are embracing the change saying the games look better and are easier to develop for.  Reading between the lines it’s not a concern of the new consoles performace or if people are ready for the next-gen.  They are afraid that with the development becoming easier for the developers, wait for it……………… They may have some competion at the top of the genre.  Nice activision try to shoot down the next gen so you can continue to sale a COD without much change year in and year out because you found something on the current gen that no one else has.