Google’s Galaxy S4, play with a Nexus version at a price

In just over a month you will be able to purchase Google’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which some people are calling the Galaxy S4 Nexus Edition. This partnership is great news for Samsung, but some people are trying to justify the high price point of just under $650.

There are a lot of selling points, like the stock Android you’ll find on the Google Galaxy S4, which basically means quicker updates to the operating system. One reason you should also expect a high Galaxy S4 price for the Nexus Edition would be the fact that this handset is totally unlocked. Users will be able to buy the new smartphone directly from Google Play, and the so-called Nexus Galaxy S4 currently has a release date of June 26.

It is worth noting that Google didn’t name the new Samsung Galaxy S4 as a Nexus handset, Google did point out that this handset would offer a “Nexus user experience“. If you watched the live Google I/O video stream and saw the Galaxy S4 mentioned, you would have noticed clapping when they spoke about the new handset running stock Android and including the same specs, but the $649 price quickly created silence in the room.

When you look at other high-end smartphones without a contract they normally sell at above $500, so with this in-mind do you think Google’s price is pretty fair? We do wonder what Google might have planned for the Nexus 5 following this announcement.