Xbox One specs vs. PS4 specs

The term Xbox 720 has been around for a while but Microsoft revealed the real name for their next-generation console a few moments ago, which is officially named Xbox One. We have included a few photos on this page for those of our readers that didn’t manage to watch the live video stream during the event.

Xbox One specs – this story is developing, but what we know so far is that voice control will be the main selling point for Xbox One. This feature was the focus of the event right from the start, and just stating “XBox On” turns on your next-generation Xbox. We will include the full Xbox One specs on this page within the next few minutes/hours when they’re published.

The main Xbox One specs can be seen below, which include USB 3.0, HDMI In/Out, 802.11n wireless with Wi-Fi Direct, Blu-ray Drive, 500GB HDD, 8GB system memory and 8 Core CPU.



The majority of commands we have seen so far start “Xbox” then a term, like “Xbox Go Home”. Microsoft explain the Xbox One is about the start of a new way to play games and watch TV.

The main PS4 specs – you can see the main PS4 specs below, which were published on one of Sony’s official website moments after the Sony event a few weeks ago.


Xbox One specs vs. PS4 specs – from what you’ve seen so far, what system do you think you will purchase?

  • annon

    PC master race

    • dafraea

      Go away elitist .

  • Abhay

    PS4 for sure. WHo the hell needs all the stuff on a gaming device(XBOX)? . PS4 is great.     – Gaming chief

    • DNAP

      Xbox is a Home Entertainment system, not just 100% gaming, it would be silly if u could only play games on a computer would it? Xbox is just making it easier by doing what other things do, so u don’t have to have all this stuff in your living room- One system that plays games, DVDs, Can browse the web, watch actual TV channels and much more, that’s what xbox is trying to do, unlike ps4 which all they care about is games, games, games kind of crap if u buy something for 500 bucks that can only play games and anything gaming, really dull in my eyes. these days is not about power, its innovative thinking and features that make everyday task faster and simpler

  • xboxguy

    XBOX ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NeutralSpectator

    hahaha XBOX kiss my ass. my SAMSUNG SMART TV does pretty much all that was shown on XBOX REVEAL..: Skype, Internet, HD webcam, voice commands, motion commands. Obviously it cant match the gameplay but Im sure its not going to outdo PS4. There is no new tech (yer yer upgrade in hardware, duh time flys) except that they are running a much higher budget on XBOX LIVE. Which is obvious because that’s where they make their money, hence EA running toward them. which makes sense. I love FIFA and play online. (sue me) haha Anyways I aint gonna hold anyone against buying the console, they sold it quite well 7.5/10.

    • DNAP

      That’s why xbox hits 60FPS (unlike ps3/ps4) and includes a new Integrated layer of both windows architecture and xbox architecture running on the same system, at the same time which in the near future will support XBOX VS PC servers which will land them all those title on PC that no other Console comes close to running. Also means that xbox can pretty much port any game over to its system without trouble.
      Ps4 has a 64bit architecture and processor which is more powerful, and reliable then xbox 32bit, but the downside is everyone will still have to own there old ps2/ps3 just to play older classic games, and porting is limited which means more wait time for certain game, for every new feature ps4 adds, there’s about 1000s of bugs that come with it, not really reliable if all they do is add, add, add and not master what they already have
      Power isn’t everything these days,
      Reliability means you keep on playingt

  • fatboy23

    forget Xbox that is just a gaming concel for the family not for real gamers its just a joke ps4 is the main concel i need for my gaming needs and online is free so xbox one can suck my ….

    • AagamShah

      u shud make the decision after u can spell ‘CONSOLE’

      • hellomynameis

         and you should make a decision after you can spell “you” and “should”.

        • Maxman

          @AagamShah And you should make a decision after you learn how to properly capitalize the first letter in a sentence.

        • Maxman

          @AagamShah Also, I should probably make my decision when I learn not to begin a sentence with the word “and”.

        • intel_

          @AagamShah You should make the decision after you learn not to start a sentence with “and”, fool!

        • Master

          @AagamShah Actually, it is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with an “and”. Nice try!

        • intel_

          False. That is not what my professors told me. LOL

        • Master

          @intel_ Trust me. It used to be considered unacceptable, just like ending a sentence with a preposition was also considered wrong. In the case of the latter, it was borrowed from a Latin rule, but it does not apply to English. Old-school professors and writers may tell you otherwise, but these “unacceptable” forms are accepted now by many manuals of style and highly recognized experts. I’m not trying to be a troll here, but these are things I believe everyone should know 😉

        • intel_

          You should try to tell that to the guys over at Duke. Lol

        • DNAP

          In special situations starting a sentence with “And” is acceptable, just like using Y as a Vowel is acceptable in certain situation. That is why there are different forms of English not just one:)

    • Dan123343

      learn to spell, u 5 year old

  • Beingmisled

    both of them seemed to focus more on aspects other then games in their reveal. For Sony it was social network and their stupid share button idea, and Xbox was just as bad with t.v. Screw em both in going with p.c. Might buy one when the prices drop.

  • guest800

    I’m going with the Ps4. Xbox One didn’t tell us what type of GDDR ram they would be running, making me think it’s GDDR 3, instead of the GDDR 5 that Ps4 has. Also, if you are able to switch between games, internet, music, movies etc, then it will be using up some of the memory to run that. ps4 all the way.

    • penrin

      @guest800 pedantic. why does that even matter

    • cavanitsolutions

      @guest800 There are no differences between GDDR 3 and GDDR 5, only The Data-Rate transfer fluctuates, which makes no difference whatsoever  for an End-User Gamer! It is still 8 Gigs of Ram For processing information and rendering capabilities! Which sounds good to me. ^^ I’ll Go Xbox! Why? Think about it: You’ll get a Tv Subscription of your choice when purchasing the console which will lower the overall price! like a smartphone on a contract! Imagine buying your Xbox brand new for £ 150 + kinect integrated!! <3

    • JeanVazquez

      Not all specs for both consoles have been released yet. Before making any decisions how about waiting for further info.

    • DNAP

       GDDR only makes your system run faster for multitask and is limited by the Mhz it can handle, even a newer GDDR5 might be reliable but lacks important high MHz which is speed , while a good processor gives u power and gpu isn’t really nessacry due to console behing cpu based. on top of that xbox one is has an intergrated layer of windows and xbox architecture which gives them plenty of option for future features and upgrades, it also means that if they have a layer of windows running on there system that in the future xbox will have lobbys to play against pc gamers, which in turns means more people playing on the xbox live connection, and xbox is still running on 32bits which give compadiblity towards older games. while ps4 is a 64bit machine (in this day an age is still a baby, not everything supports 64bit) which means they lack support for there older games, and will have issues more bugs due to that 32bit doesn’t have. xbox also supports 60fps which makes games run smoothly. top line playstation sucks balls

  • intel_

    Bottom line is; Xbox One will dominate due to the fact that it will appeal to a wider variety of people, while remaining true to its core values: good games and exclusive titles. I’m looking forward to getting home from work and saying “Xbox on”. Life will be that much easier. I will only need to pick up my controller when its time to immerse myself in a game too, which is an added bonus. ^_^

  • Kryptonian

    PS4 (WINNER)…I must say it looked really Good and in fact I would actually buy an Xbox ONE if there were no such thing as a PS4…im sorry but so far the X1 is really playing catch up whereas the PS4 is superior in EVERY way moving still in the lead…even down to the controller which looks almost exactly the same as the xbox 360 controller (still no 6 axis tech which was even in PS3 and still even better in the PS4)..which now the PS4 controller has been redone from the ground up adding SHARE, Touchpad, Improved Connectivity, Speaker/Mic, Light bar (which also syncs to PS move, Triggers, and lessened dead spots in the analog sticksno more tray loads for Xbox, which PS did away with that after PS2, USB 3.0 (thats great, but PS4 announced that back in Feb),
    Finally getting the Blu ray player from (the exact version that is currently in the PS3) which is now a generation behind & PS4 Blu ray player is now 3xs faster, more crisp than it was in the PS3, Xbox finally is going 1080p (which is never was truly in the past) whereas PS4 is now 4K (which we are already seeing movies being filmed in The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN is one of them, there was no mention or showing of Any Xbox exclusives, compared to PS4 had exclusive 3-4 titles to start, and the New dashboard looks like windows 8 which so far NO ONE even likes.
    the Kinect 2.0 actually works in the dark now and can almost read ur Heartbeats…SMH…and now u can skype and watch cable channels which essentially was the same thing on 360…(I.E. HBO go, ESPN, etc..),…im sorry but I was alil disappointed…the only COOL thing was the Graphics (which is about equivalent to PS4)
    and lastly the Xbox One was clocked at 1.2 teraflops per second “which is SUPER fast, HOWEVER,….the PS4 is clocked at 1.8 teraflops…I’m FAILING to see how theres even any question of which to purchase..but in the end…even dispite the facts…PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE

  • HALO all the way

    You pay for xbox Live yes  and you dont for PS4 well you get what you pay for. I have never had my Xbox Live Hacked  but who did????  Again you get what you PAY FOR.  ADD WHO Needs A PS4 or PS-SHIT with out HALO

  • anonymous12345678

    both shit nintendo rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • anonymous12345678

    ps plus reqiured for online so shutit  u gits

  • ericb

    i will go with ps4 due to the lower price , better ram , better look , and because i dont like Kinect at all and the way Microsoft wanted to change how can u sell your games which was very bad.

  • ericb

    @HALO all the way  sorry but halo sucks. bf4 and cod are much better. i would not buy a xbox just because of one crap game

  • ericb

    cavanitsolutions guest800 getting your tv on xbox one is useless… u just have to switch your input on your tv and thats it. its just another gadget to force u to pay more to Watch tv and i dont see what is nice in this.