iPhone 5S news update, release date and possible specs

Today, we wanted to give an update on the iPhone 5S, with news and rumours from the last week. It is rumoured that Vodafone moved their 4G launch to coincide with the iPhone 5S release date around Sept, although this is still just speculation in regard to the iPhone 5S release date. Even if that will be the given date, it seems like news of this will not be divulged until Apple sends out press invites, which could be a week before the launch.

The rumoured iPhone 5S release date coincides with a similar launch window around the same time last year and Phones Review mention how this is more likely to be the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6 expected next year. They hit upon the strange notion that Vodafone would delay their 4G-network launch in anticipation for the iPhone 5S release date regardless of how prominent Apple has become within the industry.

With Samsung proving they are becoming increasingly more popular when it comes to smartphones, the fact that Apple are only releasing one phone a year could mean more Apple users may reconsider future products, especially if the iPhone 6 is still sometime away and the iPhone 5S specs have not seen too many improvements.

The aforementioned site also report on a possible new Apple patent for the iPhone 5S or Phone 6 and this could include a distance measurement of how close the device is to the ear. Recent iPhone 5S news gives us the impression that the new mobile will not be seen any sooner than 3 months’ time and although some may suggest that this could be the iPhone 6 we get the feeling this product will be saved for the 2014 launch.

They show a patent found on official United States patent website, although it seems this was filed nearly 5 years ago. The patient looks like it has a measurement sensor that judges how far the ear s away from the receiver and adjusts the volume accordingly. The so-called “acoustic transducers” work in relation to the proximity of the user, but we are unsure whether this has been lined up for upcoming Apple mobiles or whether it will ever see the light of day.

This patent looks specifically designed for a mobile and not a tablet, so we are intrigued to know if you feel this should be included within the next iPhone device. As far as iPhone 5S news is concerned we are interested in your thoughts about your most desired iPhone 5S specs, and what you feel should be Apple’s main priority.

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