Star Wars: Episode 7 trailer shows fan power

A fake Star Wars: Episode 7 trailer has accumulated plenty of attention and fan power has made this very brief trailer viral. It’s fair to say that anything Star Wars related at the moment will draw in fans and much like the fake trailer for Star Wars Episode 3 this one is becoming very popular, although unlike the previous parody showing how unwatchable the last film was this trailer looks like a serious attempt to magnetize fans.

The short trailer gives us a glimpse of what could be the next villain in Episode 7 as Darth Malgus appears with the Darth Vader look minus the top half of his helmet. In an article on The Inquisitr they highlight the fake trailer and question why many of the Star Wars baddies seem to have some form of breathing apparatus, giving us the impression that SW villains are susceptible to breathing difficulties once they enter the darkside.

The image of Darth Malgus below shows some evil looking eyes and pointy ears, although we can understand how fans of the Star Wars universe may question the relevance of a character that was supposedly around hundreds of years before Phantom Menace and wonder whether this is actually a trailer for Knights of the Old Republic.

Either way, the character does look good and we can see why this has gone viral, especially since any news about Star Wars: Episode 7 is rather sparse at the moment. Would you like to see this character in Star Wars: Episode 7? Or are you expecting some other form of asthma ridden villain?