The Last of Us midnight PSN release and DLC update

It seems that The Last of Us has plenty more to offer with the introduction of a DLC pack within the Season Pass for the single player campaign, and according to Naughty Dog this offer is because they have “got more of the story to tell.” This comes with the addition of two DLC packs for the multiplayer, which involves other expansions and new maps. Therefore, we expect to hear more about this aspect over the next few days.

In an article PlayStation Lifestyle they highlight The Last of Us single player DLC along with information about The Last of Us midnight PSN release date which is expected to go live on June 14th. When it comes to the DLC for both the multiplayer and single-player modes many gamers are coming up with their own ideas of what to expect with some hoping the expansions for the multiplayer mean co-op.

Additionally, concerns about the size of the digital release have been expressed for those needing to account for the amount of room required, while some are under the impression the game can be started after the game is 50% downloaded.

There have been reports suggesting this game will be massive with a rather lengthy campaign, so we can understand concerns of those downloading it on the PSN, a the size could give gamers some insight into whether a disk version would be ideal.

The release of the PS4 has given a select few gamers reason to question whether The Last of Us PSN purchases will extend over to Gaikai streaming, although we are unsure of this. Returning to the original topic, what do you think will be involved in The Last of Us single player DLC?

  • Girgumesh

    I hope you realize that the reference photo used isn’t even from the Last of Us. It’s from Beyond: Two Souls, a Quantic Dream game set to release early October. I can understand the confusion though, seeing as though when both games were announced last year everyone saw the similarities between the two immediately. Regardless, I suggest you change it soon before you look silly.