Atari Breakout online leads to Pac-Man demand

Since our last article about the opportunity to play Atari Breakout online by typing the words into Google Images, one of the main suggestions demand this to be available in a Pac-Man version. The Atari Breakout game has refreshed people’s memories about some of the most loved retro games of the past so we can understand how Pac-Man is a game that also shows how these addictive but ancient videogames are still relevant today.

In the past we have seen Pac-Man being celebrated with a cool Google logo on their search page and the opportunity to play Pac-Man through this link highlighting allows us to experience Pac-Man within the logo by pressing the insert coin icon. Commemorating Pac-Man’s 30th birthday this was is a playable Google doodle which could in-turn create more interest in available apps and dowloadable games.

Last week we spoke about how the Atari Breakout online game prompted an influx of downloaded applications as we highlighted a couple available on the iOS, although we were unable to find an official Android version, but mentioned alternatives are accessible.

A personal favourite of my own was the platform version of Pac-Land and this stems from my initial love for Pac-Man back when it was in the arcades as a sit down machine with a horizontal screen that you look down on. The same sounds and features have been created by Google doodler Ryan Germick to take us back to the 1980’s masterpiece and as a treat an Easter Egg is also available for those who press insert coin again, with the addition of Ms. Pac-Man also available for 2-player fun.

After playing this for a good half an hour I was then demanding a bigger screen like the original so we can see how this could result in more searches of other available Pac-man games. Has this old-school classic given you cause to look for similar apps and games that brig back those great memories of early video games which chomped up your coins in mass quantities? Maybe you would like to see the large screen version available on the Google search screen.