Next-gen Fallout 4, Uncharted 4 and more listed

Specific exclusive games could make all the difference when it comes to choosing that next-gen console, and title listings for the upcoming systems have been spotted on a Swedish website showing new games and the consoles they are available on.

According to one image seen on an online store the new Fallout 4 game is not listed as so, stating Fallout 2015 with no precise title, although we were under the impression the new Fallout game would be coming out in 2014. With many gamers also expecting the game to release next year if the words 2015 on image are legitimate there will be disappointed gamers out there.

In addition, the same retailer has the game listed for the PS4 but not the Xbox One, although recent rumours suggest Fallout 4 would be exclusive to Microsoft’s next-gen console. While Bethesda Softworks, the potential publisher of the game has not come out to confirm this title actually existing, we are unsure whether any of the recent information can be trusted.

Highlighting Swedish store WebHallen, Gamepur reports on a decent line-up of games coming to both next-gen consoles and the unannounced titles have been listed for the PS4 and the Xbox One. The discovery made by a NeoGaf user lists Sleeping Dogs 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, Agent, Uncharted 4 and Just Cause among others, so we hope the E3 2013 event will shed more light on which titles are coming out as well as the exclusives for each console.

Will exclusive titles make the difference to you when it comes to choosing your next-gen console? What do you think about rumours suggesting a delayed Fallout 4?

  • BethesdaFan

    I always switch each generation, and I am switching from 360 to PS4. I really want to see a next gen Uncharted, because that is one of the only PS3 games I played, and it was very enjoyable. However, if Microsoft announces a new Halo, I might be sticking with Xbox. If Fallout 4 is set in any east coast city, I won’t buy it, but if they actually stick with the storyline, such as New Vegas, I would most certainly buy it. Fallout has a story set on the West coast and the stupid,  game called Fallout 3 ruined that, and hopefully the will not do that again.

    • truegamer22

      they did announce the new halo but with the way things are going i cant see 343 sticking with microsoft unless they some how fix this disaster of a new gen system they call the xbox one

  • me

    The PS4 is the way to go with this next generation. There is no chance Fallout 4 will be an Xbox exclusive and that just sounds like more rumours spread by Microsoft employees to me. The Uncharted series is one of the best of all time and Uncharted 4 is a good enough reason alone to choose PS4

  • truegamer22

    Im a total xbox fan and xbox 360 is my main console (not saying that the ps3 is bad i have one too) but after seeing the xbox one and what microsoft had to say about it its pretty much a powerful kick in the balls for any true gamer witch is why the xbox one as of right now is total trash and any company that wants to make money shouldn’t make xbox one exclusive games, i talked to the dude at gamestop and he said that most gamestop stores only have 2-5 available for pre order vs the ps4 witch is 50-100 available per store its pretty clear who won it for this next gen…….. and microsoft has nobody to blame but themselves:/ SONY for the win!!!!!!!!!!!