GTA 5 current pre-order bonuses and atomic blimp

As far as pre-order incentives go, the Grand Theft Auto 5 Special and Collector’s Editions look set to be a costly exercise, although we expect may enthusiasts will not hesitate to get one of these bumper editions for this highly anticipated game. With reserves of the Special Edition version going for around £65 it is worth noting that this will come with a bonus GTA 5 atomic blimp which players can access and fly.

In addition, there’s a vast array of extras including bonus outfits, extra tattoos, free in-game pistols, a shotgun, a melee hammer, extra stunt plane challenges and a special ability bar which boosts 25% faster. This Special Edition will also come with a steelbook including extra artwork and a blue print map of GTA 5.

The Collector’s Edition requires a £20 deposit from Game to reserve your copy, while the overall cost seems to be in the region of £120. This pricey collectible package comes with all of the Special Edition extras as well as a new lock up bag, a baseball cap and a large black box with the logo on the top. Other additions include more custom characters for online play along with unique vehicles including the CarbonRS sports bike and a Hot Rod.

While some may feel the blimp is more tempting than a lot of the other stuff this offer comes with pre-orders, and with GTA 5 scheduled to arrive on the 17th of September for both PS3 and Xbox 360 we are still none the wiser about this game coming to the next generation consoles, although this could be possible at a later date.

Details are available on Rockstar’s pre-order page and we would love to know if you plan to get either of the aforementioned GTA 5 pre-order bonuses. Alternatively, what are your views are on the still unconfirmed PC edition that could arrive up to six months after the September release.