New Xbox 360 console, 2013 design similar to One

Out of the vast array of announcements from Microsoft’s E3 press conference we heard about the new redesigned version of the Xbox 360 console for 2013, which looks remarkably like the next-gen Xbox One system. The new 360 will be a quieter and smaller version of the current ‘S’ spec, although the similarities between the two could confuse potential buyers.

The new Xbox 360 console for 2013 will give gamers piece of mind when it comes to deciding on whether the new next-gen system is for them or if they want to go on experiencing the current console, considering that the support for games looks set to continue for some time.

When you take into account over 50 million units of the 360 have been sold worldwide there’s no reason why Microsoft should bring out a new version of the popular console, although we were probably expecting something that looks less like their next-gen Xbox One.

According to reports the redesigned 360 will be available for around £129.99, so we are sure consumer confusion will be rectified when it comes to the variation in price. On the Xbox Website they show images of the new 360 and incentives showing Microsoft’s long term commitment to current gaming and titles, with offers including new and free games for Xbox Gold Members.

Yusuf Mehdi their chief marketing and strategy officer was on stage at E3 showing off this new design and mentioned a large amount of Xbox 360 titles coming out over the next 12 months, along with great special offers and free content. This news will be reassuring to Xbox 360 fans, in fact this seems like the best time to be gaming on the current consoles.

This could mean the Xbox One may take even longer to install a considerable user base, as the 360 looks set to receive support for some time yet. While we wait patiently to find out how much the complete package will cost for the Xbox One, reports of a new 360 may give many gamers cause to hold out longer for the next-gen console, especially considering the backlash from the always-connected feature and used game fiasco.

Some gamers are not overly impressed with the look of the new 360 and question why the price hasn’t been dropped further to entice more custom, with suggestions of around the £100 mark. Do you see this as Microsoft’s long term commitment to current gaming?

  • robfarley7

    The 360 celebrated the 50 million sold mark a couple years ago.. I think now its near 78 million.. I like articles that the facts right – otherwise not badly wirttten
    I beleive the price will drop much more once the Xbox One is actually in stores – much like the PS2 did once the PS3 was in stores.. Until then there isn’t a reason to lower the price – but soon they’ll almost have to..