Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, HTC One in thorough reviews

When it comes to the battle of the smartphones some video reviews of the Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5, and HTC One give us a visual impression of each device’s good and bad points. Regardless of the individual video reviews, a collection gives us more scope to make an informed decision, and the more thorough perspectives we can get the easier it is to define an overall winner.

As both the most popular Android smartphones go up against Apple’s iPhone 5 we get to see that Apple’s standing in the industry is now cause for concern and a new iPhone is now overdue. Highlighting more in-depth videos Phones Review gives us a look at all the devices in question delivering some of the more extensive comparisons around.

They inform their readers that the total time viewing these videos may mean they need to account for this, but when you look at the likes compared to the dislikes we get the impression they are definitely worth watching.

The first video we have featured shows a review between the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5 and with these being the most popular phones on the market we can see over 180 likes compared to 19 dislikes. Those looking for an in-depth comparison between the Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One may find the second video more interesting, and we hope the two videos help you decide which device is the best for you.

Which device do you think is the better out of the three?