Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 news for PS4, Xbox One

The E3 event has been an informative and exciting conference this year with a games related show that has announced a fair amount of great looking titles for the next-gen consoles. The recent announcement that Kingdom Hearts 3 is on its way to both the Xbox One and the PS4 will be welcomed by fans of the series, although we have no news about a Wii U version being planned.

As more details emerge about this game that is currently in development, we understand that Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature a mature Sora as the main character who continues on an adventure with Disney pals Mickey, Donald and Goofy. According to an article on PlayStation Euphoria this game will make good use of the next-gen technology showcasing some stunning Disney environments.

With Master Xehenort starting a war against the “tyranny of light,” Sora and friends will search for the last seven guardians of light, as well as the key to return hearts. Kingdom Hearts 3 will see a return to a party based format, although there could be some additional inclusions, which have worked well in the portable titles.

To see the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer check out the brief video below by GamesHQMedia and let us know your thoughts. Would you like to see Kingdom Hearts 3 on the PS3 and Xbox 360?


  • koalabear2389

    It better be on ps3 because I am not buying another console and not be able to play my old games on the new system again.

  • GiovanniJoseph

    This game better come out for ps3

  • jjay333

    please be on 360 so many people would get it because they don’t have a ps3 but they really want to play this game and it better come out on 360 i’m not spending more money on another console