Star Wars Episode 7 plot insight for June

Now that we have news that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford are set to reprise their roles fans are concerned with the Star Wars Episode 7 plot, and how the aforementioned characters will be presented. This leaves a story open for their siblings to start off the next trilogy, as rumours suggest Han and Leia’s twin children will be the new protagonists of the upcoming film.

This is not the first time we have heard about this, although there could be a few surprises up J.J. Abram’s sleeve as he aims to put his mark on the franchise. According to report on Collider, Jaina and Jacen Solo will be the main protagonists and this will involve a boy and a girl of 17 being trained by their uncle Luke to live out their potential as Jedi brother and sister.

Apparently, the story will unravel as the male twin turns to the dark side after struggling with the force trying to work out the difference between right and wrong. This will end up with Jacen Solo becoming Darth Caedus, according to rumours, and reports that the company were looking for a male lead to play Han Solo’s son could mean there is an element of truth behind the speculation.

The inclusion of Ford, Fisher and Hamill sets this plot up, but this doesn’t make them essential if negotiations fall apart, although as the twin’s trainer we can still see a prominent role for Luke Skywalker. It is worth keeping in mind that we have heard that expanded universe material would not be the background for this sequel, so stories from novels like the Legacy of the Force may have no bearing on Star Wars Episode 7.

Now the original cast members are showing their age, are you hoping the Star Wars Episode 7 plot revolves around the younger generation of Jedi and villains?

  • AndrewJoiner

    OH MY %&$*@^# GOD!!!!!   I cant believe this movie is actually being made! Ford, Fisher AND Hamill! All in a Star Wars movie AND it is being directed by JJ!!! 
    The plot will probably be like they say and that is the spirit of the expanded universe story, in essence if not in detail, anyways. I cant wait. I cant believe we will really get to see the original Luke, Leia and Han on screen again. Unbelievable.

  • surro
    • AndrewJoiner

      Probably for the best. I think they are capable of coming up with something better.

  • Sara Zolna

    I am so excited that Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford are going to be in the new movie. I know it will be age appropriate and wonderful. They always make good movies so this time should be no different.

  • laurencelowe

    This film needs Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill

    • AndrewJoiner

      @laurencelowe They will be in it.