SOCOM II remake for PS4, H-Hour release now official


Those who enjoyed the SOCOM series available on the various PlayStation platforms will be pleased to know that a new game for the PS4 is on the cards, although from what we are hearing this will be classed as H-Hour. Although this is not a direct sequel it is being touted as that, considering it seems SOCOM is going to be under the H-Hour title.

SOCOM II remake for PS4, H-Hour release now official

According to a report on the Real Socom website, they highlight how the Kickstater project for this game has been unsuccessful and question why SOCOM fans are not showing too much interest. This is where they feel the Kickstarter marketing campaign is not pinpointing what is available here.

They go on to list reasons why H-Hour should be regarded as another SOCOM title, and why fans of the series should pay attention to all the features and improvements involved, including the familiar background of a SOCOM title. Those who want another SOCOM experience now have the opportunity to make this happen, with 21 days to go H-Hour’s Kickstarter is at $33,000.

With this in mind, the Serellan’s Takedown project they funded had about $73,000 with 6 days to go, and went on to accumulate $250,000. This gives us reason to believe this project should be contemplated and funded pleading with fans to make their pledge.

The Kickstarter website gives us an idea of the backers involved and the comments to go with this, as well as the PS4 announcement and new reward tier in video, along with positive reactions from gamers pushing others to make this happen.

As H-hour is now officially confirmed for the PS4, some gamers feel that to accumulate more funding they should extend the deadline, especially for those fans who are unaware this game is a like a remake of SOCOM for the next-gen console.

While we remind our readers this is not actually a remake of SOCOM, this is the closest thing fans are going to get to the same type of style enjoyed by many SOCOM enthusiasts. Are you interested in funding H-Hour? If so head over to the aforementioned Kickstarter website through this link and show your support.

  • DavidAguilar1

    You forgot to mention this is being made by the original Creative Director of Socom 1&2. It’s going to be based off of the early gameplay of the original titles on PS2. Not the newer ones on ps3