Star Wars Episode 7 story without Lucas

With J.J. Abrams at the helm many Star Wars fans are hoping the man himself is properly acquainted with the backstory and builds on the success of the franchise. According to George Lucas, his friend Abrams has got a grip of the story and he is very excited about the new films.

Lucas also reveals that he won’t have much involvement in the next three films and feels that he will only intervene if he is asked to, saying “otherwise, I’m off on my own.” In an article on Access Hollywood they highlight the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’ 4th annual Governors Awards, which Lucas attended commenting about the legacy being in good hands.

He also mentions how his friend Abrams is a great director saying “I think he understands the way the whole thing works,” and if he has any problems he is sure Lucasfilms president Kathy Kennedy “will keep it straight.” In addition, he goes on to say “no matter how good Star Wars Episode 7 is, there will always be critics,” so we are hoping Abrams has got what it takes to please the large majority of fans.

Although the prequels were not held in such high regard, they provided a backstory that Star Wars fans wanted to see and it’s the little things that have been set throughout the films that will also define how much attention Abrams has paid to previous instalments.

Only yesterday, I watched The Phantom Menace and even though some of the CGI scenes could have been better we understand fans do not want to see too much of this in the next film. Another thing noticed was Yoda’s remark to Obi about siths always coming in pairs, which could mean the trilogy might have two villains to watch out for.

Do you feel Lucas will still be required as input for the minor details? Alternatively, do you think Abrams will bring new life to the franchise?

  • MarcusPearl

    The remark about their being only two sith was made to Mace Windu Not Obi-wan