PS4 vs. Xbox One controller preference

As the battle of the next-gen consoles gives us the impression Sony’s PlayStation 4 system is winning, we are intrigued to know how the controllers are being perceived when it comes to the PS4 vs. Xbox One. According to many, the PS4 is accumulating a great deal of interest compared to the Xbox One and the same can be said for the PS4 controller.

Former co-host of Totally Rad Show, Jeff Cannata can now be seen regularly on Shacknews‘ video games podcast and his opinion is that the PS4 controller is much better than the Xbox One version. In an article on PS Mania they discuss the perspective of Cannata on his E3 2013 day 3 round-up of both the next-gen controllers favouring Sony’s edition to Microsoft’s.

He explains his disappointment with the Xbox One controller mentioning how the trigger buttons are harder to use than the 360 version, and the fact that the new controller is more compact makes it less comfortable and cramped.

As far as the PS4 DualShock 4 controller is concerned, the triggers are said to be “awesome,” and not only does it feel comfortable in your hand the bumpers also have a nice touch to them. While some gamers feel they wouldn’t expect any less than PS Mania to promote the PS4 controller, others agree with their report, although some suggest that a controller preference can only be determined by the individual users.

We understand that the positives surrounding the PS4 controller just add to the negatives of the Xbox One, but we will reserve judgement on both controllers until we have experienced them both in a gameplay situation. Do you think a vast amount of gamers will prefer the new PS4 DualShock 4 controller over the Xbox One version?

  • kingkrikkit

    What I’m desperately trying to find out is if the PS4 controller has a sleep function itself?
    I know the PS4 console has a new sleep function, but if I sleep the system and walk away does the controller still stay on and drain?
    With the PS3 if I’m in the middle of a game session and walk away leaving the system on (game paused) the controller continues to stay on and drain the battery. When I come back to play, lets say after work that day, its dead. Conversely if you don’t use the Xbox 360 controller for a little bit (10min?) it goes to sleep and saves the battery life.
    This is a must for the new controller as much as the new system sleep function.

    • ScottFerguson

      @kingkrikkit theres a power save setting in the setting section on the ps3 dude

    • asd

      go to the sitting under power save. theres a power saving setting. you can set it to 190 min if yiou want. you can do the same with the system aswell. just like scottferguson said.