Xbox One is back in the race

Over the last couple of weeks many gamers are getting the impression the Sony PS4 is way ahead of the Xbox One in terms of consumer preferences, but it seems all is not lost for Microsoft’s next-gen console. According to reports regarding Amazons’ best sellers list in the US, the day one version of the Xbox One has overtaken the PlayStation 4 and climbed to rank as number one in the best sellers list.

This could be classed as Microsoft’s first victory in the battle for the next-gen consoles, although this does not exactly mean the new Xbox One is accumulating more pre-orders than the PS4, as Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been sold out for some time. This in turn has prompted Amazon to offer four separate PS4 launch day bundles, as well as the standard edition, which is now ranked at number two, while the four PS4 bundles are ranking at 4th, 5th, 7th and 38th.

News of this is highlighted on Dual Shockers, although when you add together the total including PS4 bundles we are sure the PS4 is still out in front. This may add confusion to those who read our recent report on how Sony’s next-gen console has destroyed the Xbox One as a poll ends on Amazon’s Facebook page.

The poll was been cut short for some reason, and this could be to do with the PS4 getting 95% of the votes. The total votes last seen on the Facebook page went 38984 to 2162 votes in favour of the PlayStation 4, which gave us cause to believe this is now a one horse race, so we would love to see if this would be any different in 6 months’ time.

We questioned whether there is any way back for Microsoft but according to this recent news we are unsure whether the PS4 really is streets ahead. While some gamers suggest the PS4 being spread out into bundles means consumer statistics are also spread out, there is a feeling that Sony is still the most favourable among the two consoles.

The figures being divided over a range of bundles are bound to be lower considering the Xbox One is selling as one individual product, so is this really a positive sign for Microsoft’s new console? Or do you feel the Xbox One needs a collection of bundles to even out the statistics?

  • redsuinit

    Are you people retarded? Do you realize than the PS4 sales are split up into over 5 different sections? There is the launch version, the standard version and multiple bundles, none of which contribute to each other. PS4 is still slaughtering XBOne in the pre-order market. How much did Microsoft pay you to ignore the facts?

  • Dry417

    The Xbox was in the lead last week. They had restock their inventory because it had completely sold out. PS4 having four SKUs is irrelevant because any one of those SKUs could be outselling the Xbox but none are at the moment. People are starting to release the Xbox is a better buy with more features for the money. It’s not just another Xbox with better graphics it’s as complete as it’s ever been.

    • xragingcactusx


    • xragingcactusx

      @Dry417 The Xbox Done, is not a better buy in what sense what so ever.

      • Kriddical

        @xragingcactusx is a a PS Fanboy lls

  • Mike

    Xbox One is NOT in the lead. The PS4 has divided their consoles up into different packages, which are ALL being bought. If you add up all the purchases from those multiple console packages compared to the Xbox One purchases, the PS4 is beating the X1 two-to-one. Sorry, M$.