Frostbite 3 vs. Frostbite 2 and partnership with AMD

A recent update from Electronic Arts gives us the impression Frostbite 3 optimization will not be exclusive to AMD, as they clarify that other products will be supported. Both AMD and EA issued a statement informing readers that although the companies are teaming up on day-one support for Radeon products concerning Battlefield 4 this partnership is non-exclusive, while gamers using other components will be supported.

In accordance to the AMD partnership with DICE for Battlefield 4 on PC, an EA spokesperson stated “this does not exclude DICE from working with other partners.” Additionally, an IGN report includes AMD’s statement concerning their hardware being the backbone of the next console generation, as their current status means they are focusing on Battlefield 4 including its performance optimizations for AMD CPUs, APUs and GPUs.

The aforementioned also site gives us an account of the original story, while gamers are starting to come round to the idea that AMD are starting to offer a better or similar performance for a more reasonable price, so do you think Nvidia will have to up their game to outperform AMD, or lower their prices?

In other relative news those wanting to see footage of a Frostbite 2 vs. Frostbite 3 comparison on Battlefield 4 can check out the YouTube video through this link, although the comments below do hit on some key factors including the multiplayer aspect that has lower quality graphics than campaign. This is worth mentioning because the differences are not streets apart, and they show near enough all of the multiplayer for Frostbite 2, while the campaign was shown on Frostbite 3.

Another thing highlighted was that trailers and gameplay are known to have varied graphics. We would love to know your perspective on the Frostbite 2 vs. Frostbite 3 comparison?