Grand Theft Auto 5 commercial: PS4 and PS3 debate

A few months ago what seemed to be a Grand Theft Auto 5 commercial on the PlayStation YouTube channel is now Sony’s ‘Greatness Awaits’ PS4 advert going by the title, Back in April we believed this was a GTA 5 ad because of all the commotion and chaos, as well as information received from one of the crew who suggested it was a Rockstar advert. In addition, the image of the giant banner in the background with the game’s logo seemed to have given us all the confirmation we needed to regard this as a specific GTA 5 commercial.

Now the Greatness Awaits video has been released the banner in question has been replaced by one for The Witness and this can be seen in the right hand corner of the image provided. This has given us cause to question why the banners were swapped in post-production. According to reports this was an initial error by Sony, although watching the entire video we found some references to plenty of other PlayStation games.

The video seems to be predominantly based around the PS4 as opposed to the PlayStation in general even though it ends with just the PS logo. With this in mind, we are debating on whether a PS4 version of GTA 5 could be in the pipeline, and we suggest this not only because the obvious reasons that this would be the ideal on the next-gen platform, but also because it would make the PS4 console even more attractive to potential consumers.

While we look for some form of connection between the PS4 and GTA 5 we are openly speculating, especially since the references looks to be based around PlayStation 3 games as well. This gives us reason to question why they would remove the banner of Grand Theft Auto considering this is also coming to the PS3.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that the highly anticipated game will eventually come to the PS4, in fact why not? It would be rude not to. Some may suggest the game was initially meant to come out on the PS4 and they had to change it thus leaving it changed, but we are also concerned that this not being exclusive to either of Sony’s consoles could have some bearing.

This adds to the confusion when you look closely at all the references, which contain promotions for games on both of Sony’s consoles. Do you think we are reading too much into this? Or are you getting the feeling GTA 5 on the PS4 could be just around the corner? We would love to know your thoughts on this speculation.

  • gta slagger

    yeh,… this game probably looks fantastic and would increase the sales of ps4 if comes on it ….. grand theft series title are greatly anticipated all around the world and most of the reason people love Rockstar games if this does not come on ps4 ,.. then ps4 is just a box which has no use to mass community people its worthless ,…. even me to want to own a ps4

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