GTA 5: discussion of map locations, character dialogue and demo

The wait for Grand Theft Auto 5 to come out is making gamers restless and now news on the game seems to have died down we are eager to find out any new details that can keep us occupied until the September release. Below our article we have embedded a GTA 5 o’clock video, which explains some new demo details along with character dialogue and map locations available within the game.

In this week’s edition of the GTA 5 show by CVG, Tim Weaver and Dan Dawkins discuss some all new information including actual in-game dialogue and some factions, which include the crazies and the hillbillies up in the north. When it comes to relaying some of the dialogue the English accents of the presenters don’t actually do it justice, making it sound cheesy and unnatural.

To be fair, after about 5 minutes I found the presenter’s voices grated on me, and looking at the time they babble on for, we decided to skip through to all the bits that sounded more interesting. During the video they highlight a Republican Space Rangers game which can be found on your in-game mobile, as well some of the map locations involved.

The 45 minute video below is the 29th episode of GTA 5 o’clock, and has some informative details about the demo, and those wanting to keep up with their weekly run down can tune in every Wednesday at 5pm UK time to get more updates about this highly anticipated game.

Are you starting to anxious and impatient waiting for GTA 5 to come out? Let us know your thoughts on the latest edition of GTA 5 o’clock in the comments below.