The Last Of Us review, weapons and multiplayer

The Last Of Us is one of this year’s biggest titles on the PS3 which is getting a warm reception from many gamers, so we are interested in what the critics think about Naughty Dog’s latest adventure. With a collection of reviews and details about the weapons and multiplayer we look at some opinions from a few perspectives on how this game has been perceived.

An extensive review by Game Trailers regards The Last of Us as a demanding, immediate experience and highlights this as a game that defines this decade classing it as a rare gem. With plenty of emotion and atmosphere the beginning starts off slowly and progresses into a quality title with a great story that is not only tense and exciting, but also humane and humorous.

Gamers will get punished for rushing around using foolhardy action, but rewards are experienced for quick thinking and learning in an adventure with ever-changing scenarios. The Last Of Us gets the player in control thinking, and the addictive gameplay along with the story will keep gamers enthralled up until the end. Taking all aspects into consideration The Last Of Us is awarded with a brilliant score of 9.8 for everything from design and story to gameplay and presentation.

Game Trailers also has a video review of the game for those wanting to see the game in action whilst listening to an informative opinion, which includes details about ways to progress and get the most out your experience. This also highlights the multiplayer aspect and information that will give gamers a head-start when it comes to getting acquainted with this mode.

Another review by ZTGD gives us the impression gamers will not want to miss out on this fantastic experience and picks out certain aspects that really impressed them including an amazing story which has great characters with enjoyable interactions. They also mention how the game is visually stunning while the gameplay can be tense, not leaving out what they regard as superlative voice acting. With another decent score The Last of Us receives an impressive 9.5, and their overall view is that this is an excellent game.

When it comes to the multiplayer mode, Thirty and Nerdy give out some quick tips for your initial experience and show a multiplayer reveal video. They plead with gamers to take it slow on their first run through and mention that running around will cause the player to become apparent on the radar, thus ruining any element of surprise.

Those looking for insight on the weapons involved in the game will find an in-depth report on the Game Revolution website could be the ideal way to learn how to take full advantage of each. In this they document the entire list of weapons and which ones to use on specific enemies. The advice here is quite extensive and we would love to document this, but we know this article would go on too much.

Therefore, we would love to know about your experience with The Last Of Us, or whether the positive reviews have enticed you into making this your next PS3 title.

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