God of War for PS4 and PS Vita

God of War: Ascension was widely welcomed by many gamers and news that another God of War title could be making its way to the PS4 and PS Vita will be great news for fans of the series. A recent image that has propped up gives us reason to believe the new game could be called God of War: Redemption, although we are unsure when it will be announced.

The image in question can be seen on the PlayStation God of War Ascension forum along with discussions about how legitimate the photo is, and what can be taken from this. Without having to strain our eyes we can clearly see that the PS4 and PS Vita are highlighted, and while gamers question whether this is real, we are hoping it is, considering the last God of War title was a successful one.

In addition, the mysterious picture which is doing the rounds on the internet has caused more fans to come forward and express their joy about this title becoming available on both the PS4 and PlayStation Vita, as many just cannot wait for this to arrive.

Others also question why a PS3 version hasn’t been contemplated, especially if it’s on the Vita and the Sony’s next-gen console. Does the fact that a PS3 version has not been mentioned give you cause to question the legitimacy of this image?

  • manzsandz

    umm… they spelt believe wrong in the text below…….. does this mean its fake?

  • GreggoryAlexander

    I hope this is true because this is what the vita need right now are some big AAA titles. GOD OF WAR Is a good start, so let look at the possibility for other tripple A games for the vita. SYPHONE FILTER, INFAMOUS, NBA LIVE, GTA, UFC, NHL, GOLF, GT6, BATTLEFIELD 4 etc….. All these games have the ability to run on the vita because the vita is powerful enough to handle these games.

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