Noticeable size differences with PS4 and Xbox One controllers

While a number of comparisons have been made about Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles, we thought it would be a good idea to look at the controllers. Without delving too deep into the specifics of each we have decided to look at the actual sizes.

Plenty of sites show images like the one we have provided, but it seems most of the photos give us the impression they are relatively the same size. In a brief article on Game Chup they measure up both the Xbox One and the PS4 DualShock 4 controller with side-by-side images, and we can see a distinctive size difference.

In comparison the Sony DualShock 4 controller is relatively bigger than the Xbox One version as well as its predecessor, and while miniaturizing devices has been a prominent fixture when it comes to gadgets we are surprised how big the PS4 controller is.

Without diverting our readers from the positive reports about the DualShock 4 controller, we have heard that plenty of the drawbacks experienced with the DualShock 3 have been rectified for the next-gen version. The deceptive images seen in the press are being discussed and although people seem to be impressed by the DualShock 4, it does look considerably bigger than its predecessor.

Reports are giving us the impression the DualShock 4 is possibly the best controller ever made, although we feel this judgement will be based on the individual user. The Xbox One looks marginally smaller than the Xbox 360 version but still quite bulky, yet it is not as attractive and sleek as the PS4 controller.

Noticeable size differences with PS4 and Xbox One controllers 2

In the past, many PlayStation enthusiasts have complained that the PS3 controller is too small and it seems the Xbox One version is going in the opposite direction to the 360 version.

Because of individual opinions we would love to know your thoughts on size preferences when it comes to controllers. Do you feel the smaller Xbox One is an ugly controller? Or is the PS4 controller too big in comparison?

  • Dry417

    This is all about a persons preferences. Some people liked the old DS3 controller. One thing in wondering still is what is the touchpad for in the center of the DS4. I’ve never seen it in use. Right now it seems like a wasted gimmick and makes the controller less attractive. I do like the led at the top but that’s about it. Besides who really cares about the look its the feel and response that matters. As far as interesting I think the Xbox one controller is more interesting to me because of the rumble triggers, 15% less latency and reformed d-pad. From all the other article I read people who had hands on experience says it the best controller ever made.

  • 1048jack11

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  • lewiszzlydon01

    Loving that DS4 Without even touching it yet! All i can say about it is i wish they gave the Face Plate some deeper coloring instead of leaving them the same!!!

  • cdlv

    Is it just me or the DualShock 4 looks like two big dildos taped together?