Star Wars: Episode 7 plot gossip continues


There have been plenty of ideas revolving around the direction of the next Star Wars movie with some suggesting the essence of the expanded universe will play a part in the upcoming start to the trilogy, although we are unsure about the escalating rumours about the plot. We have heard about a whole array of actors expressing their desire to be a part of the next film, and in some cases characters that have been killed off.

With that in mind, we understand the opportunity for specific Jedi masters to return giving guidance to their living compatriots and question whether there is a place for the likes of Liam Neeson, and Samuel L. Jackson to exist as the voice of reason for the young and impressionable Jedi. If this was the case, why didn’t Liam Neeson return as Qui-Gon Jinn in the prequels to help Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin?

Certain aspects of the original films like Obi Wan telling Darth “You can’t win, Vader. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” This has no real bearing other than becoming a voice in the head of Luke. So could we be seeing the return of other Jedi ghosts in the new trilogy?

In an interesting article on the Fashion and Style website they highlight a continuation of gossip about the Star Wars: Episode 7 plot and mention rumours about Princess Leia and Han Solo being married with a daughter, while other speculation suggests they have twins. In addition, they also mention interest from Samuel L. Jackson wanting a role. This gave us reason to question whether this could happen, maybe as another Jedi ghost or a totally new part.

According to reports Jackson wants to reprise his role as Mace Windu and maybe he did not die in the prequels. He mentions how he could come back as a surviving Jedi with one arm, although we are sure in great Star Wars tradition he could acquire and robotic one. Either way he has expressed his desire to be involved in Abram’s version.

Plenty of speculation has pointed fans in the direction of Leia and Solo having children and casting calls as well as the expanded universe have caused many to believe they will be twins, with specifics about characters to play the boy and girl parts. Enthusiasts will question whether they will both inherit the Jedi gene and whether Uncle Luke will be their trainer.

Are you expecting a marriage between Leia and Solo to be a prominent part of the next film or are you more concerned with an enthralling plot that is less about their love story and more about the essence of Star Wars? We could end up seeing some Jedi ghost holograms from the past, even those from the dark side.

Star Wars Episode 7 plot gossip continues

  • LucasJAmmons

    Han and Leia are married in the expanded universe. Their kids, Jacen and Jaina are both force sensitive, and trained by their uncle Luke. Read the Young Jedi Knights, in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

    • SkySeaSun

      @LucasJAmmons No. Don’t read that garbage. It’s total crap written by authors that needed to finish their writing quota to the publishers. Expanded Universe is Expanded Profits.

      • tani528

        @SkySeaSun  @LucasJAmmons whats with you and writing quotas and profits garbage! jeez calm down. that’s what writers do, they right books & get paid, its a job. i do believe they will leave out the EU but that doesn’t mean fans of star wars shouldn’t read books that expand from the movies. its entertainment.

        • SkySeaSun

          @tani528  @LucasJAmmons What’s with you and loving Garbage?

  • tani528

    If anything, read the “Thrawn Trilogy”. “Heir to the Empire” “Dark Force Rising” & “The Last Command” These books started the Expanded Universe and there’s reference in the Old & New Trilogy Movies from these books. I think a lot of Star Wars fans considered these books to be episode 7, 8 & 9 until the announcement of a new Trilogy.

    • SkySeaSun

      @tani528 TOTAL CRAP. Written by authors to fulfill their writing quota by the publishers. As any fan knows, the Lucas formula that is in EVERY Star Wars movie was not followed in ANY of those Lame books. But they made quite a load of money off of anyone willing to pay for any thing with Star Wars attached to them. NO “EU”. Whatever happened to the Star Wars that I used to know…? STAR WARS TREKKIES…as Shatner said, “Get A Life!” ( quote is solely owned by William Shatner and I don’t claim any copyrights .

    • SkySeaSun

      @tani528 Uh…if anyone is a real fan then they would know that Lucas put an OFF LIMITS to five years of Star Wars following Return of the Jedi …initially for his children to have. That changed with the sale to Disney. Also as with other movies like Star Trek…Whole New Stories Can Be told with NO regard to books and comic books. Thank God! Glad your entertained. And glad I’m NOT a fanatical “JAR JAR HEAD”!

  • IanReaylfc

    hold on Han n Leia had 3 children Jaina , Jacen (twins) and Anakin solo (youngest)  they already have jedi traits inherited through Leia , Leia an Solo get married she become Leia Organa Solo, and luke builds a Jedi academy on yavin and does train them, if the producer bothered to read books related to events after episode VI he know all of his already , please dont ruin the stories, that have already been wrote over 15 years ago !!!!

    • Patricia

       Yes, and Luke has a son named Ben, too.

  • Patricia

    Personally, I’m with the very large group of SW fans who want to see Luke Skywalker’s son.
    If they decide to give Luke a son and name him “Ben” and Leia and Han have a daughter named :Jaina,’ then all the better!

  • strider

    Hopefully they ignore the EU

  • tani528

    It would be awesome  if they included the EU but there hasn’t been any solid confirmation of this. As a fan I would love to see this but they said it was going to be an original story. Also the the new movie being canon will wipe out a lot of Star Wars EU history depending on characters story and time frame. There’s almost 100 novels after Return of the Jedi, not including comic books.

  • TrueBeliever

    when will people finally get it ??? its an original new story… set 30-40 yrs after rotj. han & leia can ONLY have a daughter!!! Both of their sons are DEAD!!! I’m betting JJ & Disney are gonna follow the EU to an extent… Everyone keeps saying ep. 7 will follow the twins and we will see one of them??? fall to the dark side… That’s not an original story last I knew. And for those who hate 1, 2 & 3… get ready to hate ep 7, 8 & 9! Star Wars movies are ” like a poem, certain lines will rhyme” so I can’t wait to see just how great this next ride will be: )

  • AdamChambers

    It would be cool to have Dennis Quaid in the star wars franchise as Han Solo’s and Princess Lea’s son  Anakin because of the fact Dennis looks A lot like Harrison Ford  And would fit the Image what do you think People

    • AdamChambers

       son was named after Anakin Skywalker  so it’s Anakin solo

      • SkySeaSun

        @AdamChambers Jar Jar Head. ( A Jar Jar Head is Star Wars version of a “Trekkie”. Get a life.

    • SkySeaSun

      @AdamChambers Ah Hah Hah ha….No.