Xbox One vs. PS4, memory specs and cloud

Comparisons are being made about the Xbox One vs. PS4 specs including memory and cloud aspects with the PlayStation 4 GDDR5 RAM going up against the Xbox One DDR3 RAM. According to reports, they are both sufficient for realistic lighting, although we are eager to find out which is better.

In an article on Gaming Bolt the memory elements are discussed along with details of a conversation with speak founder and COO of Geomerics Chris Doran. Doran’s company created Enlighten and this is used for creating lighting for games like Battlefield 4 on next-gen consoles. When it comes to both the Xbox One memory and the PS4 memory, he feels that both systems are more than sufficient with around ten times more space for developers to manoeuvre.

With 8 CPU cores and powerful GPUs there is plenty of room to make use of and this massive increase from current to next-gen systems is something that really excites. He acknowledges that as the cycle evolves developers will find ways to squeeze more out of the new consoles and this is a massive jump in resource in comparison to the current systems.

Comparing the Cloud on the Xbox One and PS4, VGN has investigated more surfacing information about Microsoft’s Cloud, as many gamers are now regarding the cloud as nothing more than a PR gimmick. They question the fact that both next-gen consoles will have cloud technology, and why Microsoft is making more of a song and dance about theirs.

They highlight the amount of time, money and effort that has been invested by Microsoft in cloud technology since 2009, and whether this should be of any concern to gamers. It seems the Xbox One will allow game developers the chance to access Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, and they wonder whether every single game will end up having dedicated servers.

The extensive article asks questions about whether developers have to rent out the servers, but apparently it will cost developers nothing to build on and access the Azure platform. The word cloud seems to be meaningless to some as Sony has a cloud that streams game video giving gamers the opportunity to play games they do not have on their machine, while Amazon’s cloud powers websites.

With the Xbox Live cloud now powering games the word is said to be meaningless, although the service called Azure will allow users to create all sorts of tasks for the service to run for us, scaling up and down automatically as players come and go. According to their report the cloud service really is a big deal, and this in-turn will make online titles better and give gamers more choice with certain player-hosted multiplayer games.

Do you feel Microsoft’s Cloud is just a PR Gimmick? Or do you feel this will give us the option to experience more dynamic versions of games?

  • Dry417

    All I can say that many developers are saying that its different than other cloud powered services including Sony’s. To quote Jon Shiring from Respawn cloud descriptions are misinterpreted. Sony has cloud for streaming. Amazon and Google for websites. Microsoft has a cloud service that somehows powers games. That’s a big deal and difference.

  • slims_post

    Microsoft definately has a big advantage as far as multiplayer gaming is concerned.
    The Sony camp has made a conserted effert to play down MS’s cloud capabilities. The dedicated servers alone will make a huge difference to online gaming and if you add to that the ability to have servers perform some of the non-latency sensitive tasks you got an online ecosystem that should evole and get better over time.

  • ServerAdmin

    I work at a datacenter in Washington…I can tell you that the cloud is real. and they have and still are deploying servers for the cloud as we speak all over the world.

  • VOIP Provider

    Aside from gaming, how can I use or imply this cloud computing?