Cross-platform production is problematic for Bethesda

We all remember the issues surrounding Skyrim DLC on the PS3 and many gamers felt that Bethesda bit of more than they could chew trying to bring their expansion to the Sony console. With the next-gen systems on the horizon we are intrigued to know how they will fair when it comes to bringing The Elder Scrolls Online to the new consoles.

According to reports, Bethesda are impressed with the new Xbox One, regarding it as a “nice, robust machine“, although they conceive that cross-platform work is a “nightmare.” In an article on OXM they discuss how the transition to the next-gen consoles is an easy process, highlighting VP Pete Hines comments about the Xbox One and PS4 being like beefy gaming PCs.

With that in mind, developer ZeniMax Online Studios has expressed the hard work required to bring the new MMO The Elder Scrolls Online to all three platforms at the same time. Although they acknowledge that the newer platforms are not easy Hines feels it is easier, and without knocking both Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles he says they are not made like high-end PCs.

The cross-platform situation seems to be harder when it comes to the Xbox One and PS4 as they have their own individual things, whereas the PC and Mac play together. With separate servers for each version to avoid technical difficulties the problems of cross-platform development seem to be on-going.

We are under the impression the Xbox One is preferred when it comes to development and the more they work on this the easier it will get, as they found this to be apparent with the Xbox 360. This gives them reason to believe their progression will also be apparent throughout their working experience with the new Microsoft console.

In addition, we have heard news that Todd Howard, Bethesda’s game director and executive producer is working on something “really awesome“. Therefore, we would love to know your thoughts on what the new project could be.