YouTube’s Talia Joy Castellano battles cancer

Talia Joy Castellano is well known on YouTube for beauty videos and on popular social media networks, and at 13 years of age this beautiful and brave Florida teen has been battling two forms of cancer during the last seven years. Known on YouTube as TaliaJoy18 this cover girl for cosmetics is known for creating makeup tutorials for younger girls to view and has an endearing and inspirational attitude which captivates large audiences.

The chemotherapy treatments mean she has been bald for a few years now and regards her makeup as her wig. With that in mind, her makeup looks are rather impressive putting some professionals in the shade, and she has appeared on Ellen Show in which she was awarded $20,000 and made an official Cover Girl for Cover Girl Cosmetics.

In one of her YouTube videos she talks about her afflictions saying “Having cancer has been a gift yet a horrible, horrible, terrifying thing. But I’ve gotten so many benefits from it,” an inspirational outlook, which is humbling to read.

Her love for makeup is a great way for Talia to express herself using it as a wig giving her confidence to venture out without one, and at the moment we understand that she is not doing so well, so we are sending out prayers and best wishes for this truly inspiring beautiful young girl.

The hashtag #PrayforTalia is a worldwide trending topic on Twitter and this can be visited through this link provided, along with her Facebook page angelsfortalia. Spending a lot of the time sleeping Talia has not eaten for a week, so we are praying she is not coming to the end of her journey and give our best to all of her family and friends, while we go on to continually support this poorly little angel.