GTA 5 shed fixation in gameplay

It’s funny what some gamers get fixated on while they patiently wait for more revealing details to emerge about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5. A recent plan view of the GTA 5 shows a shed on the top of the mountain, which we have enlarged below, and this has given many fans reason to speculate what could be contained inside.

The recent gameplay video gave fans the opportunity to see more of the game in action, showing elements of protagonist switching and aircraft, as well as a new improved control scheme, but according to a report on Uproxx fans are obsessed with this shed and what is in it. The shed on the top of a mountain is getting plenty of attention as people are desperately trying to find out what’s inside with a collection of ideas being suggested.

Some question whether this will contain some Easter Eggs or other useful items like a parachute or even a motor for a tram, and we are sure there will be something of value inside, especially since Rockstar are known for putting in little goodies.

For all we know this could just be an empty shed, but fans have high expectations that this will house something of value to players, and we hope this to be true as people continue to speculate about the possibility of jetpacks, a catapult or even a cannon. Do you have any ideas about what may be contained within this shed?