Mad Max gameplay trailer today

Fans of open world games will be pleased to know the Mad Max gameplay trailer will become available today as developer Avalanche Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive confirm plans to reveal footage of this recently-confirmed title. The game itself was briefly discussed at this year’s E3 event showing a CGI trailer of Mad Max running over a wounded man on one of the roads in this barren setting.

Those hoping to find out more about this game have had limited details, although we are under the impression PlayStation gamers will be able to obtain an exclusive rogue warrior survival kit, although we are unsure which specific platform this will be accessible with. From what we understand the game itself has a scheduled release date set for 30th April, 2014 and will be available on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

News of the new gameplay trailer is documented on CVG, and this upcoming post-apocalyptic title will be based on the film series, although Mel Gibson will not be reprising his role as the voice actor. In addition, we have heard there’s been some controversy behind the American accented character as opposed to an Australian one, and many fans, especially Australian one are protesting about this.

In accordance, Avalanche Studios responded to this back at the beginning of the month assuring fans the accent will indeed be Australian, which will not only please fans but give us gamers’ better emersion and feel for the character. While we hope this will be a surprisingly good title, some feel the timing of the trailer could be better as many gamers are focusing on the recently released GTA 5 footage.

With car combat, many gamers are expecting Mad Max to be huge to accommodate this, especially considering the amount of wasteland available in Australia. We are excited about the various mashed together contraptions that may be accessible within the game, so do you have high expectations that Mad Max will deliver a decent movie based videogame?