Star Trek 3 vs. Star Wars: Episode 7 release windows

While Star Wars fans gear up for the start of a new trilogy with Episode 7 the time taken for the first to come out could be the ideal opportunity to slip another Star Trek film in, which could result in both movies sharing the same release window. We get the impression Star Wars enthusiasts are prepared to wait for a film that will kick-of the new trilogy and do it justice, while the popular remake of Star Trek and the sequel have been domestically successful.

This has given call for a demand in more Star Trek films and while a continuation could be on the cards there is also a possibility that Star Trek 3 could share the same release window as Star Wars: Episode 7. Discussing the chance of this happening, Screen Crave talk about both franchises coming up against each other, although we are sure Star Wars fans would prefer Abram’s full attention when it comes to Episode 7.

There’s no denying that both Star Trek films have been welcomes by enthusiasts and newcomers and the Spock character played by Zachary Quinto comments about the filming of Star Trek 3 commencing next year. With talk about the next instalment being made much quicker than the last, there is a slight chance it could come up against the Star Wars release, although we have had no official confirmation about the next Star Trek film.

It has also been suggested that J.J. Abrams could be back on board for the third movie, but we are sure the Star Wars job means he will have his hands full for the next few years. Taking his Star Wars responsibilities on board, if he is in demand to do the next Star Trek film there could be a gap in the franchise while he goes to work on the Star Wars trilogy.

Would you rather Abrams concentrate on the Star Wars trilogy and come back to Star Trek when he is finished? Or would you love to see both franchises coming up against each other at the theatres?