COD: Ghosts multiplayer reveal next month

News that COD: Ghosts multiplayer reveal could debut next month will be welcomed by Call of Duty fans wanting to see every aspect of this upcoming title. According to Infinity Ward Executive Producer, Mark Rubin, Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer gameplay will be revealed in August and they are currently putting all the finishing touches to this game.

In a similar fashion to previous COD releases, both Treyarch and Infinity Ward have put all their attention into the single-player aspect prior to detailing online play, which seems to be the case with Ghosts. On Rubin’s official Twitter page he apologises for not being available much lately, as the studio are busy in its “death marches” to finish the game.

In addition, he said he is also “looking forward to MP in August,” giving us reason to believe a reveal is imminent. While we wait with excitement about what new features will be added to the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer gameplay, other fans may be more intrigued as to what will be entailed with the new Zombie modes, as this is has become one of the most popular modes in recent COD titles.

Only last week we spoke about the Ghosts co-op mode still unclear, as fans expect a co-op mode of sorts, but are uninformed about the specifics. This has given more cause for speculation as rumours suggest the Spec Ops mode familiar with the Modern Warfare series could end up being replaced by a new cooperative game type.

Going by the leaks and rumours circulating many gamers are confident Ghosts will have some form of cooperative mode to keep fans happy, although from what Rubin has said in the past we could be seeing Ghosts heading in a new direction to stop the franchise from going stale. Are you looking forward to seeing the new multiplayer in action? Maybe you are more concerned about Zombies and the co-op modes.