Dogs in GTA 5 and COD: Ghosts

Animal lovers will welcome a new era of pets being involved in upcoming games with dogs featuring in two of this year’s highly anticipated titles. We are under the impression both Call Of Duty: Ghosts and Grand Theft Auto 5 will feature these companions within the gameplay and a customizable dog named Chop will be apparent in GTA 5.

When we say customizable we are aware there are limits, although I cannot remember the last time I saw a Rottweiler wearing a tutu and lipstick, other than in my local nightclub. As far as customization goes, we have not heard much more than the collar being interchangeable.

In an insightful article on Wired they highlight the introduction of dogs to games like Ghosts and GTA 5, and divulge information about the canine companion called Chop. Apparently dogs are easier AI companions to simulate due to their lack of communication, which is an ideal way to keep immersion within the game.

With plenty of dog lovers out there we can see these canine companions becoming popular among gamers and the love of an animal could also be more captivating and emotional than a regular AI character. There is emotional attachment to an animal like a dog, especially when you look at the dog appearing in Call of Duty: Ghosts, although we cannot see this useful animal getting out alive, thus causing more distress and emotional immersion within the game.

In similar fashion the GTA 5 dog is not impervious to trouble as this animal can also get lost, and nobody wants to lose their dog. This is where we are unsure about the extent of these companions within the games, and whether Chop needs to be taken on regular walks. What would instigate a scenario where your pet can get lost? Do you like the idea of pets playing a bigger part in games nowadays?