GTA 5 vs. GTA 4 graphics insight

For those waiting patiently for Grand Theft Auto to arrive the next couple of months are probably starting to drag, but continuous news about the game has kept us occupied giving us reason to go over some of the details we have heard already. We can guarantee that even before this highly anticipated game is released comparisons will be made when it comes to GTA 5 vs. GTA 4 graphics.

The fanbase that has accumulated for GTA titles over the years means many gamers know their stuff about this popular franchise and with each version receiving decent improvements we are now getting to the point where enthusiasts are reflecting on past games comparing them with GTA 5.

In an article on PlayStation Gang they highlight the visual comparison of Grand Theft Auto V vs. GTA IV graphics showing images side-by-side for those unsure how much better the graphics are this time round. Working with the same hardware the developers have vastly improved this version’s graphics and textures, and this gives us reason to get ahead of ourselves wondering what could be accomplished on the next-gen consoles.

GTA 5 has plenty going for it this time with improved graphics, three protagonists to choose from and reports that this is the biggest open world game to date. With just under two months to go before its release this game has caused plenty of excitement among fans of the franchise and we can expect this will also accumulate a fair amount of newcomers wanting to see what all the fuss is about.

Are you hoping the success of Grand Theft Auto 5 will prompt Rockstar to bring this to the next-gen consoles? Just imagine how much more improved the graphics will be by the time they release a follow up.

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