Plastic iPhone 6 or 5S vs. iPhone 5, 4S design

In regards to upcoming Apple smartphones we are under the impression there will be two versions of the iPhone expected with rumours suggesting the iPhone 5S could be a plastic model, although we expect the so-called iPhone 6 to be a higher spec model in metal.

The choice of two iPhones will be welcome additions to the family of Apple smartphones and we feel that it would make sense to have a cheaper and more premium model available for consumers to choose from.

According to Chinese sources we could be seeing two variants of a cheaper device known as iPhone lite with both showcasing a 4 inch display with changes to the processor and connectivity options.

Highlighting leaked images of the plastic iPhone 6 or 5S Tech Kiddy looks at the suggested specs in comparison to the iPhone 5 and 4S designs, but also talks about the possibility of a premium iPhone 6 coming in three colours including gold, silver and grey.

Plastic iPhone 6 or 5S vs. iPhone 5, 4S design 1111

In one of the images we can see two products that look near enough identical in size giving us reason to believe the 2 products will be almost the same, although we would love to see a cheaper and more premium device available, as this will allow customers more choice.

Are you undecided about a plastic version of the iPhone? Or are you hoping this will instigate a cheaper line of Apple smartphones in the future?