Star Wars: Episode 7 script teased on table?

A recent image of what is being suggested as the Star Wars: Episode 7 script is bound to get fans agitated about the upcoming trilogy, and questions have been asked whether this really is the script. While we look for more information on this it Star Wars: Episode 7 information is not easy to come by, so we are unsure how legitimate this image is.

From what we can see they just look like three documents with red pages that have no Star Wars specifics to make this more believable, giving some cause to question whether this really is the Star Wars script or whether it is something totally different. The image of the so-called Star Wars script can be seen on the Bad Robot Twitter page with some interesting comments from fans.

While fans are eager to find out more about the Star Wars: Episode 7 plot, we can understand their impatience as we have a few questions of our own. Will the expanded universe of the franchise feature highly in the upcoming films? Will any more familiar character be making a return? And what unique touches can we expect from Abrams?

When it comes to the secret squirrel nature of any Star Wars reveals, it is worth mentioning our previous post which discusses Episode 7 questions dodged by Harrison Ford. Unsure whether he is fed up of being continuously asked questions about the upcoming film, we are not surprised Harrison Ford is remaining tight-lipped, as some have suggested he has shown his frustration about this in previous interviews.

Bear in mind, he is regularly promoting something else when the barrage of Star War questions normally arrive, others expected to reprise their role such a Fisher and Hamill have also kept their cards close to their chest.

Ford has commented on the new film even though many are saying he will avoid any probing questions about his character Solo. When asked about his involvement he has become evasive and cagey, but he has said that J.J. Abrams is the right man for the job saying, “He’s developed an enormous filmmaking skill“.

Star Wars Episode 7 script teased on table 2

He also acknowledged directing Star Wars is a “huge and daunting project,” and how Abrams is the man to take this on. It seems that Ford has taken the brunt of fans concerns with any enthusiasts picking him out as one of the only few sources to prise information out of. Are you hoping to hear some substantial Star Wars news soon? Or do you think we will be waiting some time before any meaty details are revealed?