Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review while racing

In previous posts we have had a look at performance comparisons on various smartphones and today we are checking out Real Racing 3 with a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini review. The video embedded below is short at only 3 minutes, but delivers an informative look at the S4 Mini performance playing racing games.

As far as GPU is concerned the S4 Mini is only 305 as opposed to the 320 you get on the Galaxy S4, and the reviewer discusses a few dropped frames which also wouldn’t happen on the S4. With no major graphical issues on the Mini, overall the gaming performance is regarded as pretty good, although we would love to see some other titles being played.

While some gamers feel the gaming issues with the likes of Apple’s iPhone products is mainly down to the size of the screen, we are intrigued whether this is also apparent with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

When it comes to holding the device the S4 Mini is thinner than the S3 version, but nothing substantial has been said about how comfortable this device is in your hand, especially for those who love gaming on their smartphone. Are you impressed with the gaming performance on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts.