Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson 1983 duets set for release

Here at In Entertainment we are compelled to let our readers in on entertainment related news that has come to our attention, and we are under the impression two legendary performers that teamed up in the past will have three duets released.

When we think of both Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson it would be hard to find two legendary acts that could captivate crowds in the same way with their music and enthusiasm, while many modern day artists look to them for inspiration and try to adapt the same confidence whilst performing.

Both Mercury and Jackson seemed like quite shy characters, but once they were performing they would be able to unleash energy and entertain audiences worldwide. The three duets they recorded were thirty years back, so we can guarantee their familiar sound will be welcomed giving fans of both a reason to remember how popular these two legends were.

According to a report on Rolling Stone, the three demos recorded at Jackson’s home studio in 1983 will eventually be released this year and they have been heard on YouTube for some time. From what we understand the initial recordings never came to fruition because they both had conflicting schedules.

During the time of recording both their careers were really gaining momentum and even Mercury conceived this was a busy period for the pair of them. One of the most prominent of the three we have heard is “There Must Be More to Life Than This,” which is not only catchy, but also highlights the sound they were both promoting at the time.

The other two tracks are “State of Shock” and “Victory“, and Queen guitarist Brian May has confirmed the duets will be released this fall, although we are under the impression the released tracks could be limited to just two with talk about issues concerning Jackson’s estate. Have you had the pleasure of hearing the duets? If so, do you feel the 80’s sound will not be as enticing to newcomers and the younger generation?