Star Wars: Episode 7 sees the return of legendary composer Williams

With many Star Wars enthusiasts wondering whether J.J. Abrams would be bringing in his own composer to do the score of the upcoming film, some feel that the franchise would not be the same without the familiar sounds of John Williams.

John Williams was involved in all six of the Star Wars films and earlier during the year he expressed his joy at working on them giving fans the impression he would welcome a return for Star Wars: Episode 7. As we provide a link to an article on Cinema Blend our main reason for doing so is because they have an insightful video interview with the man speaking out about his love of composing and being involved in another score for Episode 7.

According to Williams he is delighted to be continuing as part of the Star Wars legacy, although he has not seen a script yet, and we were hoping he had some insight to share with us. William’s talks about his preference of not knowing what’s expected within the storyline and we are sure that will also stem the constant questions about the plot, direction and cast members involved.

We have heard rumours of late suggesting Episode 7 could be Abrams only Star Wars film with talk about him returning to the Star Trek franchise, so we are concerned whether Williams will be still part of the score set-up in future Star Wars movies.

Williams gives us the impression Abrams has not turned his back on the project just yet, therefore, the upcoming D23 Expo event this August will hopefully shed some more light on the current Star Wars situation and what progress is being made.

Are you glad to hear John Williams will be continuing with the Star Wars saga?