Xbox One success vs. PS4 failure, justification attempted

Regardless of Microsoft’s U-turn over the used games and always-on restrictions, we get the impression from many gamers that the PS4 is just about edging it in the battle of the next-gen consoles. But one blogger is trying to justify why the Xbox One might beat the Sony PS4 when it comes to wining over the masses.

As we look into reasons why this perspective has arose, it’s worth mentioning that the reversal of Microsoft’s anti-consumer DRM policies concerning the Xbox One has evened up the score, as the PS4 seemed liked a much more attractive proposition prior to this. Highlighting a few reasons why the Xbox One could accumulate more custom Beta News discusses how Microsoft’s playing the long game with a system that is not only a games machine but also a family entertainment theatre.

They acknowledge hardware specs alone will not be a deciding factor when it comes to the Xbox One vs. PS4 war, and these seemed irrelevant on the current consoles, especially since the PS3 has more internal horsepower. This does not essentially provide a better gaming experience in comparison and doesn’t always translate in graphical advantages.

The Xbox 360 is leading the way as far as the United States is concerned, and this has been apparent for the past few years, therefore, that custom could choose to stay with Microsoft because of their appreciation for the current console.

In addition, Microsoft’s online gaming backbone is said to be more superior to that of Nintendo and Sony, regardless of Sony’s free PlayStation Network, which has had plenty of issues, not to mention being out of commission for about a month because of a security breach. Since then Sony has had to revaluate what happens with the PS4 and their free PSN feature has now become a subscription paid affair much like the Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Live Gold on the other hand, has grown to be a decent feature for Xbox games and with Microsoft supporting the game developer the new Xbox One console will promote the novice developer in all of us.

While some gamers feel that neither Sony nor Microsoft won the current generation war of consoles, many feel that the only loser in the next-gen battle will be the Nintendo Wii U. As far as the Xbox One being more of an entertainment system is concerned, we understand that the main difference here between the two next-gen systems is that the PS4 does not allow users to bark orders at the screen/console.

Do you feel that the Xbox One and PS4 are near enough the same except for the Kinect features? Or will the overall price and exclusives have more to do with how they will both be perceived?

  • Honestly

    No amount of justification (spin) can help the Xbone it’s just under powered and overpriced, with a mandatory accessory that nobody asked for.  It’ll do alright but PS4 should outsell it in most, if not every, territory.

  • Duggers

    I personally don’t feel PS4 is offering enough for me. It’s obviously a very good gaming machine but it doesn’t offer any tempting features over what XBOX offers. I want a device where I can control all my media in place, like being able to control my set-top box without changing inputs. I like the multi-tasking of snap. Also the interactivity with sports  looks impressive. If they bring fantasy football teams to the British premier league, that would be great bonus! I’m looking forward to seeing what developers will do with the cloud service (Unfortunately Sony doesn’t have the same level infrastructure as Microsoft does), for instance driveatars in Forza, I mean that’s just the start, I hope developers will make more of this. I want to see the amount of Apps that will be available considering there is a Windows OS running. I want to try out more with SmartGlass. I’m sad to say Sony isn’t doing anything that excites me other than improved hardware. Last time, PS3 was the more complete entertainment system, this time for me it’s XBOX.

  • jb223

    if you are in the uk, those set top box features wont be accessible at launch or well until 2014 from what i’ve heard

  • ThePokeMaster

    The PS4 is also a multi-tasking multimedia device, no need for input changes. You didn’t honestly believe Xbox One was the only device capable of this, did you? lol If you like your sports, then Xbone”s focus on that might do something for you. Although you won’t be able to enjoy any of that in Europe. At least not until…sometime later. PS4 has useful gaming related features. Which is something that matters more to me. I don’t even pay for cable anymore.  
    Driveatars? Really? Why would I let the game play for me? Why even bother to buy the game if you’re not gonna play it yourself. I guarantee Gran Turismo will have a feature similar to this. After all, GT started what is known as B-Spec mode. Smartglass? You do realize that Sony also has a PlayStation App for tablets and smartphones as well right? Including Remote Play on PS VIta.

  • jackrudrum

    you realise the ps4 can do all the multimedia stuff the xbox one can? with the exception of the tv control-but as that requires a cable box and seperate subscription anyway… it shouldn’t matter. Also on the ps4 the stuff isn’t locked behind a paywall you can talk to people, use party chat, compare scores and trophys, use bbc iplayer, netflix, now tv, share recorded games and live stream to friends for free. ONLY the actual playing online for games that aren’t f2p anyway requires ps plus, but as you’re getting games at  no extra cost from that and discounts on the store you’d be nuts not to have plus anyway…

  • TomShoe

    If I hear anything about the cloud, I’m going to punch somebody.

  • Unknown_Gamer

    Where’s the logic of this article .. I CAN’T STAND THE AMOUNT OF IGNORANCE IN THIS STUPID ARTICLE !
    Its too damn early you idiot to judge who is win and who is lose .

  • Axe99

    First paragraph, last line, two ‘n’s in winning ;).

  • malcontento

    @jackrudrum Actually, the PS4 could do the TV control theoretically. Just like they had the DVB-T dongle for the PS3, they could make an HDMI in dongle for the PS4. I don’t think they will, but the most certainly can.

  • jackrudrum

    @malcontento and ofc there’s always a second HDMI port on your TV and the 10 seconds to switch between each HDMI channel, googles new chrome cast will be out in the UK which basically gives you all the TV features and more via any android phone or tablet for 25 pounds and smart TVs do all of this now including the voice control and have cameras more often than not.

  • Michael C

    The word Microsoft is not an appealling word compared to the word Sony. The PS4 is an awesome system. Now for a reality check. Microsoft gets it. They truly understand their competition and is not going to lay down in submission. The Xbox 360 is one of the most well thought out console/system to ever hit the market; it simply is not powerful enough to realize its ambitious dreams. The PS3 is more powerful than the Xbox 360 but lacks the graphical polish the 360 has had for years. And now PS3 is barely showing great graphics in a rare few jonny come lately games. Very unfortunate for PS3 as the PS4 will dominate that field. Don’t count Microsoft out. I can clearly see that PS4 is an awesome system as; the PS3 was over the Xbox 360. But without anyones doubt the numbers don’t lie. XBOX 360 has dominated the market for years. I own an Xbox 360 while the majority of the people around me own PS3. Here’s the real kicker they don’t own many games and they ALWAYS want to play on my Xbox 360 and they NEVER want us to play on thier PS3. They always tell me that they can’t get my games on their system and they always say the 360 is way funner. That’s their language. I compared the PS4 to the XBOX ONE and hands down the XBOX ONE destroys the PS4 on every level. The PS4 is awesome ;it/s simply not as good as the XBOX ONE. People are all hyped over the PS4 and are bad mouthing Microsoft due to their emotions. I have NOT purchased either sytem. And If I had the money I would buy both systems. But given a choice of practicality,worth,longevity,quality,enjoyment,capabilities etc…XBOX ONE is the only logical choice. When we compare the two sytems my PS4 fans cringe and admit that they should have waited for the XBOX ONE before they preordered their PS4. They rushed out and payed for a PS4 based on emotional excitement; and many now highly regret it but are embarrassed to say it out loud. XBOX ONE trully is the long term winner.  I truly hope Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo thrive.

  • Nickolas Hemp

    Kinect is a waste of space and the Xbone is under powered for the one thing that really matters GAMES! Not only that SONY by far has the better 1st party exclusives and way more of them! I can’t remember the last exclusive I bought for my 360 while the PS3 is still kicking out some of the best exclusive games this gen! The Last Of Us is truly a masterpiece and my pick for best game this gen!

  • Axe99

    Haha, I’d be very, _very_ cautious of extrapolating from a small sample of personal opinions to the broader environment.  I know a lot of people who’ve gone from 360 to PS3 and never looked back.  I know no-one who’s gone from PS3 to 360 and stayed there.  Not one, out of my 200+ friends across three platforms.  Sure, I’ve got a few mates who grabbed a 360 to check it out (me included), but they were well and truly underwhelmed ;).

  • Michael C

    The kinect is a first generation device that is truly remarkable. But as any one on this planet knows;first generation devices go through a learning stage and curve. That is why we have the constant changing of devices ,such as JOYSTICK controllers that Sony has changed every single season in order to perfect. The Ps4 controller is another step in this changing process. And this is the best controller they have evolved to. But it still has a major flaw that has plagued all their controllers: THUMB SMACKING. While the Xbox 360 controller always had a troublesome D- Pad until now,with the XBOX ONE controller. I have a kinect and learnd how to set up the proper Lighting and sound system. MANY PEOPLE ARE EXTREMELY LAZY and give up on kinect. But I have friends that own  the Nintendo Wii and Sony Move with the same motion controlled games and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ; AND I LITURALLY MEAN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM ,say hands down the kinect BLOWS away their respective version/s of the same game/s. They happily express their joy playing the kinect in comparison to their system/s. The Xbox 360 Kinect is extremely fun when you set it up correctly. And the XBOX ONE KINECT  is light years ahead of the 360’s Kinect; so LAZY people won’t have to stress over anything or bad mouth something they have no clue what they’re talking about. Playstation is a cool system. The Xbox 360 and now XBox One is just better . I Love the “God of War” series on the Playstation BUT that is only one game. The majority of the Sony only games, do not grab my attention as being worth buying.And this is after I have sat down and played them on my friend’s PS2 and PS3.  While Xbox 360 has its steller titles Gears of War, Project Gothom Racing, Halo, Forza Motor sport, and the list goes on and on. Try sitting down with Forza Motorsport 4 on the kinect while using a controller/steering wheel and race. you can liturally look in your mirrors while racing amongst other things that just makes you feel awesome. The kinect is so much fun. And YOU CAN NOT get that same adrenaline pumping sensation while playing ANY Sony Game;including Gran Turismo. Reality is reality. And I really like Sony, But Microsoft Xbox 360 games are simply better as a whole.

  • Stopbitchingbitches

    @Nickolas Hemp

  • Pathofhavok

    First of all, why the hell do we need another box that can “do everything” I am not buying a gaming system to watch movies, i have a PC, a DVD Player, a TV, a Phone, and a tablet that can let me access all the various forms of media I wish to view and are specifically geared for those features…. thus playing them better. Consoles in my opinion need to go back to their roots and be there for the gamer as a form of entertainment and stop concentraiting on all that extra BS we don’t need. PS4 has it right, stronger system and better graphics. Plus, I mean come on xbox all you really have as far as a signature game anymore is Halo. You lose that and your only going to be competing with nintendo. The whole “we f*d up” bit microsoft pulled in trying to place restrictions on the gaming community is not something that should be tolerated. The only reason they did change those features is for the benjiman’s people, they realized they tanked their sales by pulling that stunt. They have no remorse about it aside from the fact that it will hurt their quarterly figures.PS4 is hands down the system of choice, dont let media PR BS from Microsoft fool you. They will try anything to redeem themselves, all the while kicking you in the balls and making you feel good about it.

  • manojvarughese

    A genuine opinion, but it doesn’t have to interest other gamers in the same way. It was PS all the time for me. I’ll have to admit that Gears and Alan Wake were the titles I did miss.

  • manojvarughese

    It’s a matter of time we get to know which consoles with its features would translate into the perfect entertainment hub for homes. Sony with it’s current acquired infrastructure is focusing on how to deliver the best cloud service as far as gaming demands are concerned. And that is what matters the most for a device that is meant to play games. In the E3, Sony have truly showcased PS4 as a gaming device and has been consistent with their announcements ever since. Microsoft has had to change policies and then even go for an upgraded hardware(GPU speed increase). If there’s anything to trounce XBOX one off, it would be the Gaikei streaming services. I’m highly optimistic about this and at the same time have a great patience for it. The PS eye is a secondary thing which will grab the gamer’s or an entertainment advocate’s interest over the years. At that time they would be bundled along with PS4 already. The new OS rumored to use upto 3.5 GB of system memory should still be capable of pulling stunning features as much as the Windows OS would exhibit. I guess we should observe as time progresses before writing things off. Microsoft is also on a comparable level of infrastructure, as they are still developing cloud service environment for gaming internally. The performance would be based on geographical locations of their own servers. Respawn’s statements using Titanfall as the example for best cloud service wasn’t convincing at all to me.

  • manojvarughese

    @ JAckrudrum: Chrome cast would eventually make things easier and would be a killer app to compete with Windows app. I appreciate you brought that along with your comment.

  • xboxyeahright

    If you like shooters pick the xbox, if you like anything else the ps4, as far as features, theres nothing to brag about on neither console, besides, saying things on this article like ohh the psn was down for a month and have a lot of issues is plain baseless, seems like you only want to discredit sony over microsoft.

  • SacTownBrian

    People need to measure this as a value/dollar ratio. Numbers don’t lie, the winner is the company with the largest install base and largest revenue stream but that does not have to mean that is the solution for everyone. I have a personal favorite and that value/dollar ration is very high. For young users I would avoid anything with online connectivity as well. To each his own, I’ve already voted with my wallet. Most importantly I am absolutely ecstatic that Neither Sony or Microsoft made the decision to create “mandatory” launch packages this time around. The last two launches have been more expensive primarly because you had no choice to buy a la cart. Thank you Microsoft and Sony for that decision that lets me get exactly what I want… except for Kinect but I forgive Micrsoft because I understand that Microsoft wants support for the device and they have tied integral OS applications to the sensor and camera. That will leave Sony’s Move as a niche product only and take it out of the competitive equation.

  • jackrudrum

    @SacTownBrian I strongly suspect sony will bundle the camera with a game that uses it’s functionality sometime not far down the line for only about £20 more ($40) than the game on it’s own-if they can get the right game with this…make it compelling enough that people by it? Well that could be sucessful I also see the camera being bundled with the console in a years time for all the less hardcore adopters that are more likely to use it to play the more casual games that these devices tend to get.