Possible Diablo 3 or WoW expansion in the pipeline

A recent trademark filing by Blizzard Entertainment for the title The Dark Below (via MMO-Champion) could be one of three things. A possible expansion pack dedicated to the likes of Diablo 3 or World Of Warcraft or even something totally different, although we are under the impression this may be extra content for Diablo 3.

The reason we suspect the latter is because back in January Rob Pardo the chief creative officer at Blizzard gave us the impression the company were working on an expansion for Diablo 3, while the title Dark Below sounds relative to something revolving around Diablo 3.

Discussing The Dark Below, Cinema Blend also mention how the older World of Warcraft is also due more expansion packs with Mists of Pandaria coming out just under a year ago, although there has been a large time lapse between previous WoW expansions.

An additional expansion would be ideal for both titles and this could boost plummeting subscriber numbers, especially for World Of Warcraft. The aforementioned website expands on a possible significance with WoW, but they also feel that it is more likely that this could be destined for Diablo 3.

With Blizzard Entertainment hosting an event for a special announcement on August 21st at Gamescom, we expect to find out more about The Dark Below, and we acknowledge that some gamers may feel that Diablo 3 is due an expansion more so than WoW.

Are you hoping The Dark Below will be a Diablo 3 expansion? Or do expect this will be something else?