Disney Infinity review and characters

The new sandbox platformer game known as Disney Infinity was developed by Avalanche Software and released yesterday in North America on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, while the European release is expected this Friday the 23rd August. For those of you intrigued about what is involved within this game today we are looking at a Disney Infinity review.

With a PC version expected worldwide in October we thought it would be a good idea to see what is thought of this game and an extensive article on IGN gives us their perspective on this newly released title. Involving collectible figurines that synchronize with the game Disney Infinity is an action-adventure with story-driven and open world creation gameplay.

Regarding this as an ambitious attempt, the idea of using physical toys with a video game is becoming a decent way to tempt children, while Disney Infinity is jam-packed full of creation and variety making this an entertaining experience. The game itself comes bundled with three toys and is said to promote video game playing for the younger generation. Awarding this title with a decent score of 8.7, Disney Infinity is viewed as a great game that contains plenty of varied gameplay with charismatic toys in the wonderful world of Disney.

In addition, there are only a couple of negative points discussed with talk about fiddly construction and a lack of some well-loved classic characters. When it comes to all the Disney Infinity characters involved, those who want to see who is in the line-up can check out the Disney website for everything you need to know about the roster and their attributes.

Are you intending to acquire Disney Infinity? Or are you going to research more reviews before you make your final decision?