GTA 5 Achievements revealed

Fans of Grand Theft Auto have been treated in the lead up to the highly anticipated release of GTA 5, as a week doesn’t seem to go by without some new details emerging. This week we have heard news of an alleged achievements list being found online for the Xbox 360 edition of the game, which highlights both GTA 5 and the online multiplayer aspect.

The online multiplayer part of the game will be releasing two weeks after the launch of the actual game, and last week we highlighted the debut trailer focusing on this aspect of the game. The extensive list can be seen on the 360 Xbox Achievements website, and returning to the online multiplayer, last week we showed the new footage and discussed how the online GTA 5 trailer is accumulating more excitement.

It only lasts about 3 minutes, but it gives gamers some insight on what to expect, including more details to add to the opportunity of importing crews you made in Max Payne 3 via the Rockstar Social Club. Additionally, those pre-ordering their copy of GTA 5 Collector’s Edition will get the chance to unlock more skins and an electric car.

The actual game release of GTA 5 is scheduled for September 17 while the online multiplayer comes out two later on October 1st. Therefore, with just under a month to go before GTA 5 arrives, we are intrigued to know what else will be divulged in the coming weeks. Are you expecting more reveals in the lead up to the game’s launch?

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