GTA 5 rating summary delivers spoilers

As we try to hold our excitement for the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 5 we only have just under a month to wait and more details about the game are still emerging. This is keeping the hype at its peak, but certain information is revealing too much about the game for those uninterested in spoilers.

The recently released GTA 5 rating summary divulges more than we expected and by the lengthy description we are getting the impression this sounds like the filthiest game ever made. Without revealing too many spoilers it is worth mentioning an article on PlayStation Lifestyle where they discuss the in-depth ESRB rating summary, which has come with confirmation GTA 5 will be a day one digital release on the PSN.

Within the rating description we understand that this game will contain intense violence, mature humour, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content, blood and gore along with use of alcohol and drugs. The aforementioned website also documents a few varied scenarios where this kind of action is involved, although we refrained from relaying any of this for our readers who are trying to avoid spoilers, but those interested can check it out through link above.

We can imagine GTA 5 will accumulate plenty of sales, along with its fair share of controversial reports concerning under age and impressionable gamers also wanting to experience the game. Do you feel the extensive rating list revealed for GTA 5 will make this game even more enticing?

  • saintseya458

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