Battlefield 4 PC visually better than PS4, Xbox One

Many PC gamers were under the impression the next-gen consoles will deliver the kind of graphics quality they have been experiencing on the PC for some time, and although the new systems will see a vast improvement in games graphics it still seems like PC gaming is a superior in this area. This comes as we are being told the PC version of Battlefield 4 is visually better than on the PS4 and Xbox One, and this may not come as a surprise to some gamers.

While game developers are looking for ways to get the best out of the upcoming consoles it will probably take a while for them to achieve a similar standard to that on the PC, and executive producer Patrick Bach talks about this to Video Gamer highlighting some compromises needed in certain parts of the game.

While some feel that compromises are more like sacrifices, Bach gives us the impression they are doing as much as they can with the next-gen systems and from a CPU/GPU perspective both the PS4 and Xbox One cannot match the standard of a gaming PC. With a PC more can be added to improve the game, although the differences between console and PC versions are not drastic to the point it affects the game.

Battlefield 4 is visually better on the PC, and we hope that the final game on both the PS4 and Xbox One will look as good as the initial reveal of the ‘Fishing in Baku’ footage. Bach gives us the impression the differences are not blaringly obvious and feels that some gamers may not even notice, although he feels he is experienced enough to spot certain irregularities.

In regards to the final system specs of Xbox One and the PS4, Bach was asked if he was happy, although his answer was that there is always more that can be done, and he wishes that they could offer more. He feels the next-gen consoles will take gaming to the next level, but if Sony and Microsoft added better hardware the systems would not be available for such a reasonable price.

Bach feels the next-gen consoles do offer a new milestone for the Battlefield franchise and there are some benefits to the console version of this new game. Coming on November 1st to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, the PS4 and Xbox One editions will follow the console’s launch.

Do you still feel that the PC version is bound to look better than on the next-gen consoles? Or were you expecting games on the next-gen system to be on par with games on the PC?