Killzone: Shadow Fall split-screen feature MIA

Killzone: Shadow Fall is an exclusive PS4 title by Guerrilla Games expected to be a launch title for Sony’s next-gen console. Fans of the Killzone franchise will know that this is the sixth game in the series and the fourth on home entertainment consoles, but according to reports the split-screen feature is missing in action.

In regards to a PS Blog, we are under the impression this feature will not be available in Shadow Fall going by what Sid Shuman has been saying. News that Killzone: Shadow Fall will not have a split-screen option has not gone down too well with many fans, as many relish the opportunity to play with friends in the same room.

In addition, we feel the next-gen PS4 will need plenty of time to accumulate a decent sized user base, and many gamers may not be able to afford the asking price. This is where games like Killzone: Shadow Fall could benefit from a split-screen version, as this could be another way to entice more gamers to both the console and the game.

Personally, I will be waiting for a friend to purchase the next-gen console and it will be a case of playing his until I decide whether this console is worth investing in. Are you disappointed about the lack of split-screen in Killzone: Shadow Fall?